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    An unusual... request, but please bear (no pun intended) with me.

    My Druid is my oldest character and was my main until Wrath came out when he was replaced by my still currently main Death Knight.

    Anyway, i tried all the specs of this baby along the years.

    Bear in Vanilla, Tree in TBC, Kitty in Wrath and Moonkin since Cata.

    Now, as in all chars, I always worried about the theorycrafting of the thing. Always looking for the right builds, rotation, stats priority, etc and always fared good with all specs even when it became an alt.

    Problem is... currently, in MoP, as a Moonkin i'm... well, sucking BIG TIME! With ilvl492 I cannot make no more than 25-30k dps!!! Like I said I'm pretty much sure I'm making everything right. It has not changed much since Cataclysm and I remember doing Dragon Soul LFR with and doing an accepted amount of dps, so... I really don't know what else to do. Call me paranoid, but it is as if the char is... bugged. I have more haste than my Warlock char and the spells are slower and it seems to lag behind anything else.

    Please do not flame or insult me because I have that enough in-game in all LFR runs.

    Did this happen to anyone? Should I ticket blizz about this?

    Thank you for reading.

    Anyway, this is the druid I'm talking about: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...jnaji/advanced (yes, i know i have spirit gear, but it works as hit for balance, and i'm pretty sure that is NOT the reason).

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    Starfire is a long cast and it will always be a long cast unless you have a bunch of Haste buffs active. It's one of a number of factors that makes Balance, especially at lower gear levels, relatively weak for high movement encounters.

    If you're doing 25-30k DPS at 90 in any gear you must be doing something fundamentally wrong with the rotation. And when I say fundamentally wrong I mean FUNDAMENTAL. Without logs it will be hard for anyone to know what you're doing wrong, but here are some possible suggestions (forgive me if any of these are insulting):

    * Are you cycling from one eclipse to the other? Most simply this means casting Wrath until you reach Lunar Eclipse then casting Starfire until you reach Solar Eclipse and repeating. It's advisable to have an addon that allows you to more clearly see your Eclipse bar.

    * Are you keeping both Sunfire and Moonfire up on the target(s) as much as possible, generally casting them near the beginning and/or end of each Eclipse, and using Starfall every time you reach Lunar Eclipse?

    * Are you using Celestial Alignment and/or Incarnation correctly?

    - Celestial Alignment should generally only be used when you're leaving an Eclipse. It will cause Sunfire/Moonfire to apply both DoTs simultaneously so you only need to cast one and will reset the cooldown on Starfall, which should be used shortly after using Celestial Alignment. During Celestial Alignment your should use Starfire over Wrath.

    - Incarnation only works when you're in Eclipse. Incarnation last 30 secs and a typical Eclipse shouldn't be longer than 15 secs. This means that if you choose Incarnation you should generally use it at the start of a Lunar Eclipse then, as that eclipse finishes, use Celestial Alignment to take advantage of the second half of Incarnation. If you're using the Nature's Vigil Talent you'll want to sync every other use with Incarnation.

    - However, if you're having such significant problems with your DPS you may be better off using Heart of the Wild and Force of Nature over Nature's Vigil and Incarnation to simplify the rotation. It's difficult to use Force of Nature completely optimally, but even if you're just blindly using it on CD it should have a much higher floor of performance than Incarnation. Honestly, I'd expect Force of Nature to do at least 10k DPS by itself at your gear level.

    * Are you making use of Shooting Stars Starsurge procs? Whenever Shooting Stars procs your next cast should be Starsurge. There are scenarios where this might not be strictly optimal, but these scenarios basically disappear as your gear improves so I'd say it's more important to get used to using as many procs as possible and avoiding wastage than obsessing over those scenarios.


    If you feel like you're doing all of those things well or at least somewhat competently then I don't know what your problem might be. There are some gear tweaks that can increase your DPS (such as replacing the trinket with a sprit proc with basically anything -- even a Ghost Iron Dragonling is probably better), but they don't come close to explaining how low your DPS is.

    There's a Balance guide both on these forums here and one that goes into great detail about the rotation over on Elitist Jerks.

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    You're pretty sure you're doing everything right, huh? Okay. Sorry to tell you the truth, but you're not. Like Skagasm said, you're doing something really wrong. As in "have no idea what is going on" wrong. A month of two ago I tested what it'd take gear-wise to actually deal 30k dps on a dummy. This is the result: http://i.imgur.com/OmzNjiy.jpg

    Moonkins' basics aren't really more complicated than, press Starsurge and Starfall on cooldown, keep both dots on target, cycle through Eclipse with Wrath (Solar --> Lunar) and Starfire (Lunar --> Solar).
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    Thank you so much, Skagasm for your time in replying in such a detailed post.

    By topics:

    - yes, the eclipse cycle is perfect (like I said, that didnt changed since cata and I did good on that xpac)
    - both dots are always on target and starfall always used on cd/lunar eclipse
    - guess i was using cd's wrongly. or, at least, bad timing them.
    - i swapped those talentes recommended by you and it's working, my dps is increased (like, a lot). guess it's better to have 6% increased Intel at all times than to time a 12% temporary damage buff... same goes with the constant (with charges) treants buff as to a temporary buff.
    - and yes i always cast starsurge on cd/proc.


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