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    Question Some HPally Questions.

    Still in preparation , probably due to delay in the launch of WoD , I decided I would get the legendary robe with my paladin, and also risking a specialization which used bit during playtime I have: THE CURE .

    This brought me some questions :

    Selfless Healer , Eternal Flame or Sacred Shield ?

    I've been using Eternal Flame almost all the time but , Selfless Healer seemed quite flashy if possible a more aggressive construction of Holy Paladin , a version almost " Shockadin " .

    I make it clear that at no time have claim to try something so out of LFR , but it seemed pretty fun to try especially in Raids that require a lower level item as MSV , TES , etc. .

    Another doubt is concerned to use parts of sets relative to off set pieces but with higher item level as the Island or profession . Run after the Bonus or prefer higher status ?

    Sorry for bad English. Google Translator

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    Eternal Flame is the best talent in that row overall. Selfless Healer is also viable in 25 man. I highly recommend doing both though.

    Selfless Healer though is very far from "Shockadin" it's still by far the worst DPS compared to other healing classes. Aim for Tier 16 bonus then go for item level after that.

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