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    [Holy] Having a bit of trouble choosing talents

    So I just hit 90 last night and I've been spamming heroics today to get JP. During which I've been playing around with various talents.

    My main issue is that I can't seem to decide between Eternal Flame or Selfless Healer. If I take EF, it's nice to have a HoT on the tank or on party members that stand in shit. On the other hand, without SH, I feel like I have barely any Holy Power because my only source of it is Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, or using the more mana-sucking heals.

    With SH, I don't have the HoT, but I have tons and tons of HP, almost more than I know what to do with, especially if I sit in melee range and use Crusader Strike as well. But with SH, that's another spell that I have to watch and use on CD to make the most of it. Plus I've got the secondary effect that gives me instant cast heals, which is also nice.

    I'm kinda leaning towards SH, but I'm not entirely sure. It certainly seems to be much better when lots of HP is needed, and that would work out well in raids for AoE healing, I suppose. Right now I'm still just doing 5man content to gear up, but I'll be starting LFR and possibly Flex 1-2 soon.

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    I've always used EF for holy. Even when no one had gear I found it great and now most people will have alot better than 463 gear so I would just get used to spreading the hot. You shouldn't be in heroics for very long.

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