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    That's right, I don't like playing against casters who move. I don't like playing WITH casters who move either because it severely devalues positioning. Utility may be fun for you but you also have to think of the players you're fighting - is it fun for them when you just teleport up the bridge in nagrand with pretty much no penalty what so ever?

    DKs are to be nerfed as well, I'm just not sure which ability in particular to aim the nerfs at. Blanket nerf to damage won't do. Give me some ideas instead of bashing and not offering anything in return? I'm writing like I'm the authority because this is my thread and you're not offering anything constructive in your aggressive disagreements.

    Hunters. Why, yes, I want hunters to return to what they're meant to be - a ranger who has to stand still, take aim and shoot for the head, not bounce around while his army of minions tears everyone apart, allowing hunter itself to go wild with free CC of all colors and flavors that in no way hinder the damage.

    Deterrence is a dumb mechanic because there's nothing you can do to counter it and frankly such a powerful cooldown doesn't feel like it belongs on a hunter. Let alone two of them. Let alone when you already have 3 perfectly good escapes (master's call, disengage + root, scatter + trap). Running and shooting feels too powerful to just be a passive, as I said I don't mind if hunters keep it but it should come with a cost or a duration.

    The worst thing about deterrence is that in the hands of a bad hunter it just wastes 10 seconds of your day. He knows he'd die when he's lost a partner or two, yet still continues being an annoyance with both deterrences, traps, disengage web and pillar-humping against 2/3 people who're clearly about to murder him once all his endless CC fades.

    Hunter damage in PvP is already quite over the top, I don't believe you'll need compensations. But even if so, it ain't hard to just bake 5% attack power from hunter's mark into your trueshot aura.
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    The Role Check for random Battlegrounds. They don't actually use it for anything important and they sure as hell don't make teams even close to appropriately matched.

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    The number of cool-downs and how many you can stack at once is the biggest thing that needs addressing in wod. You hit on that aspect in most of the initial post. Everything else will mostly fall into place once that issue is cleared up.

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