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  • Dark Shaman trash

    33 51.56%
  • Blackfuse trash

    31 48.44%
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    Deathmatch: Dark shaman trash vs Blackfuse trash

    Who takes it between these 2 groups? DS have numbers on their side, and the MCing banker. Blackfuse has the engineers with their cloud buff and 2 minibosses.

    Scenario 1. BF trash comes out in the traditional waves
    Scenario 2. All trash is released together

    I'd give it to shaman trash on both just because the # of MCs would eventually win it if the banker wasn't focused first.
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    Dark shaman trash wins. You can skip Blackfuse trash, its annoying but doable. You just can't slip by wall of mobs though.

    I propose a 3rd trash mob as well. Scarlet halls trash after the 1st boss, the one the dogs eat :P

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    Personally I hate Siegecrafter trash, just cause it's almost impossible to avoid someone dying. The effing Rogues dance all over your ass and then you get a charge and boom you're dead. Often there's not even time to cast a normal res in between the waves and well, I just despite that shit.

    On the other hand, Shamans trash takes way longer but at least people only die on that crap, if they facepull an extra pack or decide to nuke players rather than the guy who cast the MC.

    When thinking about it, it's actually quite even in terms of "Shit trash" to me. Don't like the trash before Garrosh either though, specially not in Flex/Alt run, since there's always going to be someone who fucks it up.

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    Is there also an entire wall of flask crates? This could swing it.

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    How do people still not know you can skip blackfuse trash

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    Neither, but Sha of Pride trash.

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    Dark Shaman Trash by a mile. Blackfuse trash is skippable

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    Why are people talking about skipping BF trash.. Thats OT and get nothing to do with the thread at all lol.

    1. Shamans
    2. Blackfuse

    We pull almost all shamans trash in one go normally, while there are too much shit going on on blackfuse for that to work out.

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    well if people are asking about difficulty, shamans trash is one/2 man-able with careful pulling to the elves by IJ and SC trash is skippable

    but in a fight between the 2, I'd say blackfuse trash, the drill charge would stop the shamans trash from getting off casts and they'd be able to stack so many healing mists and damage bonus pools on the ground

    those damage-buffed shadowsteps hit harder than mind spikes, so that's a plus

    the only aoe shamans trash has is shadowflame and electrified ground, against crawler mines, drill charges, lasers, and big stomp moves that increase damage taken

    unless shamans trash got lucky and mind controlled an engineer for healing and damage bonuses, I'd say they'd lose and SC trash would win

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragothica View Post
    Neither, but Sha of Pride trash.
    Pull everything with tank + healer and have tank solo kill them? No one dies. It's rather easy like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alucen View Post
    Blackfuse trash is skippable
    Sorry for being offtopic but could anybody tell me how to do this?

    OT: Shaman trash is more annoying just because of how much there is while blackfuse trash is somewhat hard. I have to say i dislike the shaman trash more tho. :P

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    The OP isn't asking which trash is harder for raiders, or more of a pain in the ass.

    He's asking if all the trash was released into a room together and were hostile towards each other, which set of trash would win in a fight against each other?

    My money's on Dark Shaman trash, if they get a key MC from the banker.

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    Blackfuse trash easy.

    Bombs are mad damage and would hit all shaman trash at once, the chick with the fire gun would melt the shit out of shaman trash as well. Seeing as how mobs just run up to each other and stand there attacking until their target dies (or they change threat) the fire would likely stack up on at least half the dark shaman trash simultaneously and get their stacks higher and higher and they'd melt to shit. Thats to say nothing of the drill guys charging through there and hitting at least half of em each time cause they'd all be stacked.

    Coupled with bombs going off, envenomed shadowsteps, and so on, blackfuse trash would handily win imo.
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    garrosh trash? xD dare anyone to pull all that and AoE i give you about 0.5 seconds to live after a few of the respawning purple sha creatures die, even at lvl 100 that would just obliterate a 25man raid due to the stacking debuff giving them +1000's % dmg.

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