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    Anyone here know how to script addons? I'm thinking about developing a UI but I lack the ability to script. However, what I lack in ability to script, I make up for in artistic creativity and good taste in design. So basically, I'm looking for someone to work with in developing a UI. Many of the UIs that I've seen, like elvUI, don't seem "just right." I'm 100% willing to sketch out a design and to use photoshop to develop concepts. If anyone is interested, just reply to the thread. Thanks!

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    writing an entire UI from scratch that is "just right" for a single person is a ton of work, you know that, right?

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    ElvUI has a lot of customisation options, and therefore the better approach is to use that as a base.
    What in particular do you find lacking, or wrong with that.

    There are lots of individual addons which with effort can be put together into a pretty consistent UI.
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    I was aiming towards a more physical/caster DPS UI. Probably should've said that. But it's not really a whole new UI, but more of a compilation of addons and possibly a new addon (that is why I mentioned the need for a scripter).

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    And what's your budget?

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    Have you ever looked at my UI? MayronUI Gen3. Basically I was like you, really loved graphics designing. Then I got into Lua programming and built my own UI but still use other addOns by other authors in the compilation. I have made the mini-map, Setup addOn, and my own "BottomUI", SideBars and chat frame addOns with it. I also made in-game options. I would happily work with you but I have far too much work to do. Might be a good idea to take a look at the code in the MayronUI addOn in that pack if you really want to give programming a try. Its not too advanced stuff but a good ground to work from. It is a lot of hard work but reading the basics of Lua is always a nice start if you are serious.

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    There almost certainly already exists an addon that can do whatever it is that you want, if it is possible to do at all. If you post your ideas, I'm sure people will be happy to help find a way to realize them.
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