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    What's your opinion?

    So we're a fairly casual 8/14h guild that raids about 8 hours a week. Recently because of irl and burnout, we've lost a bunch of fairly skilled and geared players. We recently merged with a populated server by comparison so we scooped up a couple new people with hopes to fill out the roster. One guy in particular was extremely persistent about getting in for Garrosh; constantly whispering the GM and officers if they would allow him in for the kill. When B-Net went down last night and one of our regular raiders couldn't get online, we decided to try him out for Blackfuse onward.

    I could tell early on that he was really young and immature. His choice in trying to strike up conversation during a boss and constantly asking about the loot he was able to have made me raise an eyebrow. He died to really simple mechanics and pulled sub 100k, so he was basically just a 10th person with a pulse.

    Fast-forward to just before Garrosh and an hour later, more Bnet shenanigans happened and more people got kicked off before we could pull. We called the raid and that was that. This guy pleaded that we should find more people to clear. "And does anyone need the str axe if we kill it? xD" he added.

    I log in today and see that he's advertising LFM for a regular Garrosh kill in trade. Our server doesn't really have the infrastructure to do this, so curiously I whisper him. He asked permission of one of our part-time raiders who didn't think it would be a problem. I took offense to this and thought it very much was a problem. I explained to him that it's not his lockout, and we would probably go back in there this evening. Like an entitled little brat, he said he didn't want to let such a nice lockout go to waste. There was a bit of a back in forth that spilled over into /g, but I left him with an analogy. You don't get invited to a nice dinner and ask to take home the leftovers. He asked if he could compromise and make a group that consisted of guildies, clearly missing the point. I told him if he doesn't want to piss people off further in the guild, he should probably stop trying to make this group happen.

    What is your opinion on this? Surprisingly some people ended up sticking up for him. While I agree and it's just regular Garrosh (and not a HUGE deal,) to me it displays really selfish and underhanded behavior of a potential raider.
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    I do think that is a little fucked up considering it wasn't his stuff to begin with. However, I do think that there have been changes to the lockout system lately over the years where there are more character separate rather than raid. There have been times where we had to pug an extra person in our raid group from another guild and (lets say) we made it to Nazgrim before we swapped him out with a late guildie. We would continue from Malkorok on to do a Garrosh kill and that other guy from the other guild we swapped out on Nazgrim would take his own guild and try to continue from Malkorok on (which they did proceed but not far =/ ) in the same week. However, if things are like the old days (unless there is something that I am missing completely in my story), this kid is completely selfish and immature. "He wants the group he wants the loot" attitude doesn't fly in our guild and we frown upon that with other people and I would suggest either you remove him from future raids (even as a possibility substitute) or if he puts up a big fuss about it, just remove him from the guild. Just my two cents here

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