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    Thumbs up [Resto] Horridon's Last Gasp VS Contemplation Of Chi-Ji

    So, whats the best Trinket for manaregen, Horridon's Last Gasp (HEROIC, 2/2 Upgrade 543) or Contemplation Of Chi-Ji (2/2 Upgrade 543)???
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    I imagine the difference is so small that it's not even worth considering if you have one and a better trinket from SoO. If you have both then I'd probably stick with HLG, especially if you prefer the 13153 Haste Breakpoint.

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    HLG heroic is much much better. I wouldn't say the manareg from HLG is twice as much as from Chi-Ji, but it's a lot more, especially with a high haste build.
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    Yes i have 13153 Breakpoint, thanks for answers

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    Horridon's is one of the few RPPM trinkets that the proc rate still scales with haste. With the 13k haste build, the 510 version was regen-ing more mana than my innervates were at the time (prolly 12k ish spirit back then). So a 543 is definitely gonna smash a Chi-Ji

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    The Chi-Ji trinket was worse mana regen wise than the Shado-Pan trinket off CD.

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