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    I'm not in bleeding edge content so when I raid easymode I do it for free loots and to do as much damage as possible, preferably end up #1 on dps. Thats wherein the challenge lies for me, and with unbalanced classes the dps game becomes utter shit. My first MoP char was a shadow priest, which is fucking horribad at DPS, dead last on most (if not all?) sims and with a very simple damage priority at that. I played that char one week at 90 before I switched because there was no way in flying spaghettisauce that I could compete with that class. DPS classes should ideally be as close as possible on standard types of encounters, if there is such a thing. If so the dps comes down to skill and becomes interesting, if the classes differ more than a couple % it will start to show on the meters.

    PvP balance has caused major pain for the PvE game (and vice versa, I'd assume) ever since they started balancing classes for PvP, I really think Blizzard should swallow their pride on this and make the PvE & PvP balance completely separate. It already plays out so different that they're almost separate games at this point, so I really don't see the harm in doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motorboatt View Post
    I get in PvP balance matters because when there's no balance its frustrating to play because you can be more skilled but still lose because of imbalance

    but what does it matter in PvE?

    people already pay 25 euro to change race/faction just to increase their dps by 1% from racials, why can't they just reroll to the best DPS spec too?
    its not like it matters if you shoot red bolts, purple bolts or arrows, does it?

    I'm no PvE player and I've never been, I'm just trying to understand the logic behind balancing PvE on the account of PvP balance
    Worst arguments ever..
    For me - pvp is just a silly minigame which i play to relax after some serious raiding.... real actions happens in raids.
    want true balance in both? split pve and pvp entirely - no other way around..

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    PvE balance matters because if it didn't, everyone would run a 25 man druid raid comp.
    To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable? Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    Uhm lol? In order to do the best dps in pve ypu need to pay attention to ur rotation ... how is this removed? I think u mean something else..
    A rotation meant that you needed to memorize a sequence and just continue to execute the sequence. 1 button macros existed in Wrath.

    Because of procs, rppm and more right now, there is no rotation. There are priorities that you need to follow, like make sure to refresh dots when you have a haste buff or only use Wildstrike when you will have one up for Collossus Smash, but there is no rotation anymore. You cannot predict exactly what will happen and need to be capable of reacting to procs and effects that occur

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