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    So, what's the state of this game nowadays?

    I quit back in... october I think, because running LFR was becoming impossibly bad and my recently found Flex group was closed.
    I remember wiping a billion and 2 times at Shamans and the orc after them, and not even killing the guy before the trex, let alone the fight where you kill boxes.
    Did the rate of completion got better? LFRs can reliably kill Garrosh today?
    And what about the oqueue groups? I remember that they sucked as much as LFR sometimes, while asking for ridiculous ilvls. Is it the same?
    How easy do you guys think it will be for a dps warrior with ~335 ilvl to find a guild/group for flex mode?

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    With 335 ilvl, I doubt you'll be getting anywhere.

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    How did you get a group with an ilvl 335?
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Maybe he meant 535.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    How easy do you guys think it will be for a dps warrior with ~335 ilvl to find a guild/group for flex mode?
    Assuming you meant 535?
    Depends on your server, and how well you perform in a PUG I'd suppose, but with 535 ilevel you should be fine.

    And not sure about LFR, I try not to go in there anymore as of late.

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    LFR has an infamy for having just about as many failures as they do completions. As said before, we desperately try to avoid it at all costs, given the brutally negative atmosphere in there and bad attitudes that acompany it.

    Oqueue does not suck, you just have to possess a keen eye on which raids will happen and which will not. As for the ilevels, most people on Oqueue have gnerally beaten SoO on Flex a dozen times over and have moved on to normal or heroic. The groups that ask for 540 ilevel for their flex run when flex drops 540 gear just want a safe, easy run and do not have to worry about things going sour. You are by all means allowed to create your own group asking 520+ if you want.

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    LFR has subsequently been nerfed so that molten core is currently harder for a 90 than LFR.

    And yes, groups still wipe.

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    flex is laughable easy at 535 without any legendary components, it's easy enough to find a group on openraid at 535, I got my first flex garrosh kill at 512. though it did involve a bit of lying.

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