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    A Brief History of WoW: MoP Pt. 2

    The rest of the story of World of Warcraft's weirdest expansion yet. A tale of war, fear, thunder, rebellion, and stupid, stupid pandas.

    Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TT-t9fRIEI

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    Apropos of nothing, every time I go to Firelands for a mog or mount run, I think of the Brief History -- the orange trash in the orange field and orange bosses for orange gear

    Gotta say, summed up this way the Pandaren aren't as sympathetic as they could be. "No, they split up and took sides again". At least Taran Zhu was facepalming throughout, he's the most consistent character in the expansion besides, well, Garrosh.

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