View Poll Results: Which race is your Shaman and which race is your Paladin?

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  • I play a Shaman (Draenei)

    71 27.73%
  • I play a Shaman (Dwarf)

    40 15.63%
  • I play a Shaman (Goblin)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Orc)

    50 19.53%
  • I play a Shaman (Tauren)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Troll)

    33 12.89%
  • I play a Shaman (Pandaren)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Draenei)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Dwarf)

    23 8.98%
  • I play a Paladin (Human)

    86 33.59%
  • I play a Paladin (Blood Elf)

    88 34.38%
  • I play a Paladin (Tauren)

    33 12.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which race is your Shaman and which race is your Paladin?

    And what drew you to become the specific race for your Shaman and Paladin?
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    Panda and human

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    Troll Shammy, because T15 looks awesome. BElf Paladin, because Tauren suck (except Tauren Warriors/Druids).

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    Goblin shammy, liked the look of their totems best. Belf pally, better racial and not as big as a Tauren.
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    Troll and belf

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    Orc for shaman and human for paladin. The paladin is only level 12 though, with paladins I always get to the level where I can rez people, let someone die and rez them, lose interest and log out.
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    The Insane
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    Draenei because draenei is best.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Goblin shaman and Belf paladin, only for looks.
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    I have a hard time here, Tauren shaman are so iconic, but yet so are orcs.

    Human Paladins are bread and butter, but Draenei Vindicators offer a whole new approach to a similar theme.

    The rest are all just novel miscelaneous to me.

    Someday I will level him and deck him out in TBC era Draenei plate with the crystal hammer from Gruul's Lair. The character model updates will probably light the fire under my ass, watching my Indian in the Cupboard come to life in a brand new way.

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    Draenei and Draenei, because Draenei.

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    human paladin, pandaren shaman

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    shaman: troll - level 20 something and will stay like that

    paladin: human and blood elf - human is at a rp server and used for battle pet mostly, blood elf is a newborn tank.

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    Female orc, female BE. No other Pallys available Hordeside in TBC and the males look unacceptable in my book.

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    I created my first shaman in TBC, and since I am alliance, Draenei was the only option. Draenei was my favourite race at the time anyways though. They looked cool, and I liked their animation.

    Later I've created a Dwarf shaman too. I think it's fits the race.

    My paladin is also Draenei, again created because I found it to look the coolest at the time of creation.

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    Shaman: Orc and dwarf

    Pally: blood elf and human
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    Wildhammer dwarfs are certainly the hawt shit as shaman. I should not have left them out.
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    tauren shaman, dwarf shaman because both are iconic and seem so well suited, sturdy and solid, for paladin, bloodelf, draenei and dwarf.

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    Dwarf and Dwarf. Because Dwarfs.
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    Draenei and Draenei. Best looking alliance race for both classes.
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    My paladin is human, it's just felt right. However I start to consider making him a belf one day, depends on the recreation models of humans.

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