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    Challenge modes help needed(comps + choice of spec)

    Hey ... so far, me and some guys tried running challenge modes. We aren't going for any realm best times, just want the sweet transmog gear sets.

    Our comp was:

    Blood DK(he also has a frost spec)
    Resto Druid
    Ele Shaman
    Survival Hunter
    Ret Paladin(me, and I have protection offspec)

    Would it run better if we found another healer? Or should we find another healer and me spec prot and the DK go frost? Or just change roles between me and DK?

    We keep wiping on the first pack on Gate of The Setting Sun(the first one we want to do), right before the first boss. We tried pulling all the mobs, but didnt work. Tried with all except the group right before the boss, and didnt work . I hand of sacrificed the tank with the appropriate glyph, so I don't take damage, but did'nt work out. From videos I saw, we seemed par on the damage to be dealt for a decent gold run(no spectacular timing), but we kept dying. Any ideas why?

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    It's probably best to pull all the mobs and then everyone stacks up just to the left of the stairs. Make sure to watch out for bombs, and the healer should be spamming the tank. If you don't stack up you won't be able to hit the mobs or heal each other. I've done it with both a pally and a dk tank and a druid healer before. Just make sure the druid heals is spamming their highest HPS spell and not worry about mana, use the klaxxi food to get mana back quickly after combat.

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    HEy, ptsunami2911.

    Ur comp is quite good for cm gold.Resto druid is great as healer in cm(2nd best after disc priest in my opinion) For tank u should choose whos more experienced in tanking both blood dk and prot pala are good in cm.

    For Gate of the setting sun, trash just before 1st boss is hardest part of that cm. U should rotate some cds to survive, also avoid bombs.There is 2 way to do that trash. My group is always pulling all mobs to the stairs, and aoe them down. If u have problem with that u can pull 1 group at time and as soon as previous group is low hp pull another group.All players should use stuns, etc.If u going to pull all at stairs tell ur shammy to use AG with chain lighthing.
    and for the end i suggest u to use def cds at trash, bcs bosses are quite easy, trash is the problem in every cmodes.ANd another rule of cm always kill casters first(interrupt also)
    Sorry for my english


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    That's a hard pack (very hard) You aren't dying because of your comp, you're dying because
    - Bombs hit people
    - The tank dies

    You have TONS of cooldowns and stuns for that pull up to the first boss. Use them all. Devo / sac cap totem / AG / Ascendance - you name it - blow it.

    To be honest its safer to split the pull into 2. You can do that and still make gold pretty easily. Just be sure to blow major CD's on the last bosses weak spot. The longer hes headbutting the wall the more time you lose. Burst that weakspot down in one trip up and you'll gain more time than you lose taking it easy on that first pack.

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    That bridge is vicious!
    I would also recommend using BL/Hero and army there if you pull all or most mobs.
    It will reset for the final boss where you need it the most .
    Stun them as much as possible as the previous posts suggested, set up a rotation so the stuns won't overlap.
    Tell your ranged to target sappers asap, they are extremely annoying
    Bombs hurt, smokebombs cause problems so make sure that the group is clear as to where to stand
    CM's in general are not only about how much damage or healing you can do in 463 gear but mainly about co-ordination and smart use of abilities.

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    For gate it really just comes down to avoiding the bombs.

    Truth be told though, we did that section in two pulls, killing the first pack and then immediately grabbing the next. It's still doable, and helps alleviate some of the damage on the tank.

    My comp (for all 9 CMs) was:

    Blood DK
    Ret Pally
    Frost Mage
    Surv. Hunter
    Resto Druid (Me)

    So it wasn't too far removed from yours, and since we got our sets, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine as long as you all coordinate well and most of all don't give up.

    For GotSS though, like I said, do the first bit in two pulls if it helps, but don't slow down. Don't use Lust/Hero until you reach the first boss, and you should still have it for the last boss.

    Just a heads up, be careful on the 2nd boss. He can either take unexpectedly long, or cause lots of unnecessary death with the poison puddles. Watch out.

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    The first time i did cm's i had exactly the same comp and the same problem(5.0). Don't hit mobs while you are running, you guys should stay together in the smoke bombs up on the ladder. When mobs are together: DK's aoe stun-->capacitor totem-->tree form+dk's cds. (aoe these b****s down fast and stay away from the bombs). you have a lot of cds on your hands, so i guess the problem is dps.

    also, communication is the key

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    I got 9/9 Gold challenge mode last week. Our comp was:

    Prot Warrior
    WW Monk
    Frost Mage
    Surv Hunter
    MW Monk (me)

    Setting Sun was one of the easiest, but AFTER that first extremely brutal pull. Round 'em all up and tank 'em to the left of the stairs like Deusvult said. Blow all your cooldowns there.

    Lemme give you a little tip for Challenge Mode, if you don't mind. Practice your class in the Proving Grounds. Although the PG won't teach you the mechanics of the actual instances, they will show you how your class behaves with a gimped ilvl. Our CM group consisted of three "Proven" [endless wave 30] players; me, the healer; the tank and one DPS. We feel as if understanding how to gear and reforge (which we learned in the PG) helped lead us to gold. Of course you don't have to be an endless DPS, tank or healer, but just hop in the PG and play around with your forges, see how far you can get... get a feel for your toon with a handicapped ilvl, and suggest the same for your team. I feel it really does help.

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