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    Non-traditional fights, enjoy or dislike?

    By this I mean fights like Dark Animus in ToT or a fight like Durumu where it was a visual test on the maze, which is quite rare in raid bosses. Also included would be vehicle fights like Malygos or Flame Leviathan.

    Do you enjoy or dislike these kinds of unusual challenges? And why?

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    Never found one I hated.
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    Generally I enjoy them, but durumu was impossible for me to see until I turned my graphics down. The first couple raids before I found the sweet spot I had to just follow other peoples movements
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    They're really a toss up for me.

    I find them to be a huge pain to learn or explain, but often, once you've "figured out" the "trick," they can be quite fun, or quite easy. Animus and Durumu and Ji-Kun, I feel are all examples of that from ToT, going by your definition.

    However, it used to be that I hated those sorts of fights- Rhyolith, Malygos, Flame Leviathan... ugh.

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    love those fights
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    Durumu was ok...animus was just another kill adds.
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    Dark Animus was non-traditional?

    I like them generally speaking. I hate how a lot of people bitched about vehicle fights - we've fought like 500 raid bosses in WoW, it's very important that they continue to try new things.

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    However, it used to be that I hated those sorts of fights- Rhyolith, Malygos, Flame Leviathan... ugh.
    Rhyo was good except for how buggy it was.

    Love FLev and Maly.
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    Animus was just annoying, Durumu on the other hand was very fun.
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    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Amber Shaper, Valithria Dreamwalker, Durumu, Tortos, Dark Animus, Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Alysrazor, Beth'tilac etc all those unique fights; I love them all!

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