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    Heavy junkbox reasonable price?

    Hey all,
    I searched the forum a bit but i could not find a recent post (MoP). My Question is, what is a reasonable price for the heavy junkboxes nowadays? In cata they sold for up to 40g but with the general higher gold everybody owns in MoP im not sure about the value.


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    It is how much you are willing to sell/buy it for.
    Farming those junkboxes are easy but time consuming since nerf.

    I know from experience as i farmed my own Junkboxes for Ravenholdt as well as sold my services to a members from a high end raiding guild for 80g a junkbox in Wrath.
    You might judge me on the cost but my buyers paid for me farming 300 - 400 junkboxes a day so they got it all fast and i was reliable.
    Nowadays, you can probably test the waters in trade and see what type of offers you get.
    If you are buying as you were not clear on your motive.
    Try and "rent" a few rogues out who are willing to farm and check what price they would do it for.
    If you are selling. Test by spamming "WTS Junkboxes for Ravenholdt rep for the Insane title" and see what people are willing to pay.

    Since the nerf, drop chance is at about 33%.

    EDIT: I did farm 600 junkboxes post-nerf and it was a lot more annoying
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    There's a few people on my server that sell full Ravenholdt exalted sets for 20-25k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    There's a few people on my server that sell full Ravenholdt exalted sets for 20-25k.
    Starting from honored?
    Thats only 15,7g-19,7g per box.

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    I sold them for 30-60g long time ago and i think the average price is around 45g if your are lucky u find a buyer than buys them for 60g

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    when i was farming them i sold them for 25g a piece bulk, really depends on your server i would guess

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