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    Thok 25man Heroic CD Advice Needed

    As title says, my guild are about to tackle Thok 25man heroic.

    We had 2 nights on him before the Xmas break and managed to get to the Bats before getting wiped out quickly, so I'm just looking for some help on CD usage.

    Healing Setup is


    Possibly swapping out a Shaman for another Druid or bring the other Druid in to make 7 healers. Dps is poor tbh though.

    Other CD's available

    2/3xShadow Priest
    1xDps Shaman
    1xDps Druid

    Any help of CD rotation would be great, thanks in advance!

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    Please post the complete comp. Not sure if you forgot to post tank/dps paladins. They are extremly helpful with devotion aura and double BoPs...

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    Not to mention, logs. Logs are great, logs are life. He can be "enrage kited" to +11 minutes, if your DPS is too poor to handle that with 7 healers when progress guilds used 8, you have *exceptionally* good healers compared to DPS in your roster. I'd go for 8 healers for stability and just see where it takes you regarding enrage.

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    A full comp list would be nice in order to make a CD rotation.

    And what method of doing the boss are you taking? 30-15-30-X or 30-30-30 etc, as this would be necessary for planning CD recovery times

    However, what I do is I generally plan so that there is a small healing CD early on, to trickle people up to full health (Vamp Embrace, DPS healing), and once we hit 7, we BoP shamans for Ascendance Healing, use mitigation + healing on each pulse from 11 onwards (Devo counts as mitigation in my eyes here as it provides throughput healing for everyone).

    Rogues can smoke bomb both groups if used smartly
    Stuns on bats are godmode for preventing raid damage
    BoP + Ascendance should not be ignored as its too high healing
    BoP + AG should not be ignored for same reasons as above when bats are alive
    Use a rotation of clemency BoPs if your setup allows it
    Chain Devos to provide long periods of 0 interruption (we use 4 paladins and have it up from 13-24)
    Spirit Link on stack, can make you take 1-2 more hits if you play it smart (or wipe your raid if you don't)
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