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    Potion of luck and the timeless isle?

    Has anyone tried making gold farming any of the mobs on the timeless isle with potion of luck? If so is it as efficient as some of the other spots on pandaria?

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    It might be too late for that to be as effective. The spawn rates on the island stop scaling up so fast when the island is abandoned and we're a couple months past it being relevent. Honestly, it depends heavily on whether or not the silk worms, little turtles, and ghosts work with them.
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    I haven't been able to find a decent spot at all for grinding now. The Krasrang spot doesn't work for me, and neither does the windward isle or whatever its called east of jade forest.

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    if you want to quickly farm on Timeless i'd recommand you to kill the frogs that stack a poison on you with a tenth application causing instant death, only 1450k or so HP, elite. It's where I farm my epoch stone. Try out potion of luck and let us know if it's a viable way to farm.

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