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    WeakAuras 2 custom untrigger help

    So I currently have a weakauras icon made to show when my Enhancement 4P procs and resets the lava lash CD. I currently have it set to hide after 1.5 seconds. But I want a custom untrigger to hide the icon when lava lash is on CD. Can anyone help me with this?

    Basically just a custom untrigger for when lava lash is on CD.

    Thank you.

    Below is the code for the 4P proc, but it shouldn't really matter.

    WA_LLProc = WA_LLProc or {0, 0};
    local start, duration = GetSpellCooldown("Lava Lash");
    if WA_LLProc[2] > 1.5 and start + duration + 0.1 < WA_LLProc[1] + WA_LLProc[2] and (duration > 0 or GetTime() + 0.1 < WA_LLProc[1] + WA_LLProc[2]) then
    WA_LLProc = {start, duration};
    return true;
    WA_LLProc = {start, duration};

    For those that want to know

    function ()
    local t = GetTime();
    local s,d = GetSpellCooldown("Lava Lash"); -- [[CHANGE THIS SPELL ID]]
    if s and s > 0 and ((s + d - t) >= 1.5) then
    return true;
    return false;
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