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    Boss health on right side of screen

    Are the unit frames for bosses on the right side of the screen a part of the standard UI? I can't tell if they are blizzard, or DBM, neither seem to have settings for them. Trying to show them outside of a boss fight so I can move some other stuff out of the way.

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    They are part of the standard interface. If you use MoveAnything you can get an idea of where it's placed by activating the mover for the boss frames.

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    Both the default Blizzard UI and DBM have boss health frames on the right side (though I believe DBM's are non-interactable). I'm not really sure the purpose of DBM's. In any case, you can hide/adjust DBM's health frames using the options GUI (in the "Health Frame" section). Also make sure "Show a boss health frame" isn't checked off for any boss in the actual raid module for whichever raid you're working on, if you don't ever want to see it.
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    This should show them:

    /script for i = 1,4 do _G["Boss"..i.."TargetFrame"]:Show() end
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