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    Importing Specific Addons from Compilations

    Probably a ridiculously easy yes/no answer to this but thought I'd best ask before I try it later on and screw some things up. Is it possible when downloading a compilation UI to your desktop to just drag say the Grid or Vuhdo or SUF folder from this compilation and drop it into your current addon folder? Will it retain the profiles from the compilation or will it just be the default addon?

    Lifelong Grid user but getting annoyed with the amount of plugins I need so going to give Vuhdo a whirl. However an online compilation UI has the PERFECT Vuhdo set up for my character. I don't want his UI however, just his Vuhdo.

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    The profiles etc. are in the WTF folder, copy vuhdo.lua from his savedvariables folder to yours.

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    Ah yes completely forgot that's where the profiles would be. Thanks for the swift and precise response!

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    So I thought I'd necro this to share my setup. Here's how to install:

    1.) Copy your WTF folder somewhere in case we seriously mess up something
    2.) Go to your saved variables folder:
    World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/[accountname]/[servername]/[toonname]/SavedVariables
    3.) Paste these files in there:

    4.) Load up vuhdo in game and you should have the my profile settings preconfigured for vuhdo.

    After loading up someone else's profile, you should be able to modify and change stuff and it will start remembering your changes.

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