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    Which next class would I enjoy most?

    So this is one of those threads I personally hate, like one where an user posts to get direct help he could otherwise get by personal research. So bare with me, but today I'm too bored.

    I decided I'd roll a new class, and I would like to have some insight about which classes have a gameplay I would enjoy. I'll tell you what I enjoy the most and hopefully you will tell me which class would suit me best.

    Disclaimer: I don't play healer specs, and Moonkins look too silly. And yes I know WoD will change things, you can spare that kind of comment.
    In TBC I had a Hunter and a Warrior, the former I used for PvE (steady shot macro spam ftw) and the latter for PvP - I sucked. I really liked my hunter because I'm fond of archer chars, but I can't say it was fun to play.
    In WotLK I had a DK as main, I loved the tight rotation of Unholy and the proc-oriented style Frost had. Blood was boring to me. Then toward the end of the expansion I started enjoying my warrior most, I loved soloing as prot and dps'ing as Arms (big hits, procs, complex rotation, it had it all). I leveled a Paladin and my hunter to 80 as well, but haven't played them much.
    By Cata I played mostly my warrior, as protection and Arms. Then by the end of the expansion (again) I fell for my hunter again. I never really liked BM so it was SV and MM all the way. Leveled both my DK and Paladin to 85 as well, but again haven't played them much.
    In Mists I'm still playing my hunter; I think SV is a bit too spammy and my favorite would be MM. I also still have my warrior, and although Prot is better than ever, Arms is just plain boring now (slam hitting more than MS? no please). On the other hand, I find fury to be really cool now. I also leveled a priest and shadow is ok, although sometimes I feel like I have nothing to do while I wait for my CDs (Mind Blast/DoTs) to become available again. I tried leveling a Shaman as well but I stopped at 73: Elemental looks like "spam lightning shot and wait for something to happen" and Enhancement doesn't feel much different than that. Plus Shamans have too many situational abilities for my taste, I tend to forget about them (which is also why I still suck at PvP). My Paladin and DK still are at 85.

    So, as a recap:
    - what I like is: tight rotations, CD management, procs and heavy hitters.
    - what I don't like is: too many big CDs, spamming filler shots, healing.

    So, aside Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Shaman and Moonkin, what would anybody suggest?
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