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    How many weeks of progression does H garrosh 10 usually take?

    For average (read top 300-600 west) guilds?

    I have to leave the country in about 2.5 months and that will be it for me for this expansion, I don't want to spend an entire 2.5 months though, and we're not really locking 13/14hm so there's also that issue, 3-4 hours wasted farming spirits of war amd warforged healing plate for nobody.

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    If they don't nerf the encounter any I can see it taking quite awhile for a 300-600 west guild.

    It took us roughly a month to kill the boss, and we killed it well over a month ago. Mind you we lost 2 raid days due to thanksgiving and holiday things going on. We raid 16 hours a week, but we usually spent 4-5 hours doing farm. Had we just extended our lockout we probably would have shaved a week off our kill time, because honestly by the time you get to Garrosh on heroic, the chances of you getting anything great from farm is incredibly low. For two of the weeks we did farm, we probably got on average 2 upgrades a week. One of those usually just being HWF over heroic, meaning a measly 6iLvLs.

    As long as you don't get discouraged and you're 575~ iLvL it will probably take several weeks. It's a fairly grueling boss on 10 man though and bosses like that (especially being as long as it is) aren't really great for motivation.

    Upgrades still do help. If you're feeling the time crunch but you're getting awfully close, you might want to extend at that point just in case. Good indication of being close is actually getting to P3 with everybody alive, or getting a clean transition into P4 for the first time. For reference we killed the boss on our third or fourth P4 attempt.
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    Think it took us roughly 25 hours but we used a poor P4 tactic for about 8 of those hours. We changed the P4 strat and nailed it first or second time I believe.
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    Fair enough, I think it would be for the best to sit out on garrosh progression and let them get a replacement, what a waste.

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    A few recent kills have been 2-3 weeks.

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    For us: 152 wipes, 6 raid days (4h each), from 7/01 to 16/01, so it's 10 days Rank #154th west. Only Garosh progres, we skipped farm.

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    we've spent a lot of shitty night on it (300 wipes unfortunately) with only good progress coming back last night when we changed tactic (9%). For what its worth we have good DPS but were constantly around 2-3% short in P3 burn before getting a second emp whirl. Suggest you chill out at the end of P2 to push a perfect lust (and take 2 empowered whirls so that everyone is ready to burn the boss rather than focus on pushing it in one and then straight to burn.

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    Depends heavily how quick are your pulls, how good are you at learning new fights and how much and often you raid. I don't mean how far to the fight you get, but how quickly you recover from a wipe. I could imagine a maximum of 100 hours of progress for new guilds now that the tactics are quite optimally made. For a 3 days a week 3 hours a night that's 10 weeks of progress. Then again it could take you much much less than 100 hours.
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