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    Ultraxion. Because I didn't move a single step all fight.

    Garrosh. Because it spans continents.

    Elegon. Because I enjoyed watching people fall to their deaths.
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    Man there's so many good ones...
    1. Algalon in Ulduar
    2. Malygos.
    3. Freya in Ulduar.
    4. Spine of Deathwing in DS looked awesome!
    5. Lei Shen in ToT with the very interactive room.
    6. I kinda have to include vanilla Ragnaros.
    7. Oh but there's so many more!!! and there were some badass 5man dungeon boss rooms in Cataclysm! | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    ICC in general has been one of my all time favorite raids.

    1. Lich King
    2. Sindragosa
    3. Gunship Battle

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    Cho'Gall, the darkness creeping into the room throughout the fight is amazing.
    Algalon platform looks really cool.
    Vault of Archavon looked actally pretty nice imo, giving a feeling like it should as if you are opening a huge door that was unopened for a long time and find these massive bosses.

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    1. Algalon
    2. Mimiron (including the train)
    3. C'thun
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    1. Malyagos
    2. Cho'gal
    3. Algalon - Best one

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    1. c'thuns room
    2. Freyas garden
    3. Mimirons workshop

    honorable mentions:
    huge underground cavern where megaera resides,
    horridons arena,
    i liked siegecrafters room
    algalons room,
    the heart of the sunwell, the room where we fight kiljaeden.
    netherspites room,
    Sindragosas balkony,
    the entire enourmus cavern where vancleef and his ship is,
    the huge cavern where princess in mauradon is,
    The eye of the world,
    sindragosas cavern,
    ragnaros room, (mc)
    the first huge room in halls of lightning where that patrolling boss is,
    does the entire serpentshrine cavern counts as a room? felt pretty epic gazing out on the entire city and seeing hydross wating for you.

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    Algalon, Lei Shen, and Ragnaros (Firelands)
    For the midcores:
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    Lich King

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    1. Moroes - nothing beats that feel that dining hall has to offer. Epic
    2. Freya - That's just totally beautiful and unique
    3. Gunship ICC

    None of them have the rather boring circle/half circle/square look and feel. It's the most boring pattern found throughout the game. With few exceptions all villains seem to have a thing for circled floors or squares. Boring..
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    Algalon, Lich King, Malygos (I know the last phase is just a space, but still, I loved that encounter)

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    The gunship in Dragon Soul. If only travelling by zepellin looked like that. Amazing work on the skybox by Blizzard, it makes you feel like it's actually moving.

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    Sinestra. One of the coolest boss settings in the game.
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    Lich King, Elegon, Al'akir

    Honorable mentions: Garrosh, Lei Shen, Sha of Pride, Ragnaros (FL)

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    I like Throne of Tides - Ozumat room. Because party become very big.
    Also sartharion - he has unusual room.

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    Atramedes in Blackwing Descent. Really love the architecture. Dwarf master race. Dark Iron dwarf master race among dwarves.

    Ragnaros in the Firelands. Love the giant room filled with lava, and also, architecture.

    Algalon. Need I say more?
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    1. The Lich King (its in the freaking Frozen Throne! A whole WC3 expansion is named after it)
    2. Algalon (awesome room effects)
    3. Archimonde (fighting behind the freaking World Tree!)

    Also honorable mention to Freya (beautifull lush jungle where we fight her in the middle of it), Yogg Saron (creepy and very atmospheric prison room for an Old God) and Kil'jaeden (its in the freaking Sunwell!)

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    Beth'tilac's Lair. Amazing room for a fiery spider.
    Mount Hyjal, the whole thing.
    I guess I prefer the outdoor settings.

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    I cant really choose a top 3, but some my favorites are

    Yogg Saron
    Lich King
    Madness of Deathwing
    Lei Shen

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    lich king, lady vashj, most of karazhan I was happy to tank, I just liked the whole instance from a tanking perspective.

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