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    Spoils Heroic Help

    So, we've been stuck on Spoils HC for some time now!

    We've tried the Big > Mid/Small > Big tactic and tonight tried the 1 Big > All Mid/Small tactic.

    We're a 10 man guild and have a pretty decent setup for it. Wether or not its lack of damage or just people playing like utter shit is yet to be seen. What tactic did you guys use? Any suggestions on where we can improve (Links futher down)?

    I personally don't see the fight as an issue but for something as simple to take this long, there has to be a problem. HELP ME!!

    http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-kp...ses&boss=71889 - First week (2 Large, 3 Mid, 7 Small)
    http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-za...ses&boss=71889 - Second Week (After xmas break) (2 Large, 3 Mid, 7 Small)
    http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ty...ses&boss=71889 - Tonight (1 Large, All small)

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    For us, the easiest was two larges(mantid/mogu sides) in a row, 4 smalls, and all the mediums. Mantid side we did 2 smalls with each large. So then after we killed each large with 4 smalls, we just had the mediums to worry about. Which we pulled three mediums at a time. Mogu side we'd pull a large with 1 small. Then pulled 2 mediums with 1 small, stacked the golem with the urn/the urns add and cleaved them down. We've been doing it for months now so it will most certainly vary with how you want to handle things. While learning, we also lusted on the mantid side on the first large. This just helped with dps for people who were constantly running/dropping off set to blow bombs.

    We are now at the point where we've got about 70-90+ seconds on each side. Hope this helped. This, was the easiest strat for us to learn/execute. There are MANY ways to tackle the fight. Just have to find one that fits your raid/raid members strengths/weaknesses.

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    Not exactly a log person, but you aren't saying what are you failing on?
    So ill just try telling our tactics.
    We do it by going one room big>6medium and 4 small> big , while the other room is going 2 mediums, smalls until 22 energy>2 bigs.
    After that the first room switches to medium smalls until 22 and second room switches to big > small/medium> big.
    The main thing for that is because we aren't being overrun by sparks since we have all our buffs.
    The other thing that you need to make 100% sure to do is to kill statues that mogus spawn. If you have 1 up its ok more or less, but if you have 5 up then boss aoe will kill you and healer wont be able to keep up. So just kill them. As for mantid room, cant say that we are having much problems there mechanic wise. We chose to kill only two mediums since we wont have to bother with any dispels and small ones are easy enough to dps. Also we chose to kill mantid bosses last so that wed have room to place the bombs.
    As for sparks. If healer didn't receive the buff dps will need to help on those, if healer did received the buff dps just needs to observe and help if for some reason healer might fall behind, but at least for us if healer receives buff he manages to take out sparks himself, helps on statues also.

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    The more smalls you are going for, the more problematic it will be for the group getting the corresponding sparks, meaning a bigger dps loss from the actual box adds to keep the sparks under control.

    You want to go for as many mediums as you can.

    We do it something like this:
    Mogu - Pandaren + 2 small (next to a large) -> large -> 2 small (next to a medium) + medium -> 5 more mediums (open the next when the previous is at around 20-30% hp) -> large.

    Mantid (more flexible) - Pandaren -> large + chain smalls -> open 2 mediums at a time to 36 energy (can add some extra smalls in here to cleave down if you are struggling for time and the other group can manage the sparks) -> large

    For our first kill, we did crap loads of smalls which meant the DPS check was a lot tighter because of the much higher numbers of sparks.

    Optimally, if both groups are doing large x 2 (28 energy) + medium x 6 (18 energy) + 4 small (4 energy) = 50 energy... so all larges, all mediums and 4 smalls = 12 sparks to kill, then you should be able to manage it fine. If one group starts doing loads of smalls, then the other group will need to open more smalls as well to keep up with the enrage timer by cleaving them down passively which then has the same effect on the other group.

    Make sure both groups are doing roughly the same thing to achieve the above!
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