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    So they have time to make this shit and its trailer,but they are stalling on showing the new models they promised earlier?Im starting to loose faith really..

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    Dammit! Wrong timing again Blizzard, now I gotta wait for payday before I can get this mount! QQ

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    Cool looking mount. Much better than the fugly Fey Dragon and on par with the Bat.

    Now lop off half of the price and we might talk.

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    I'm still getting a shop error when I try to buy this. Will hopefully be fixed soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    Why? Why are they doing this? This could have been easily an epic drop on Mythic in one of the first raids in WoD...
    Because if they made it a Mythic-only drop - people would complain.
    It would be made into a 1% drop on the next difficulty down as well in order to be all-inclusive.

    Then the Mythic raiders would be mad. (God knows why, it is a proto-drake)

    Better to just do it like this and take the hate of the people that largely never play. The guys doing the Mythic only content are not going to be incredibly interested in any mounts outside of saying "haw haw, I got it and you don't!" to each other. Mounts don't affect performance.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    cheap... greedy.... capitalist retards....

    can't even move my character around from latency on EU realms; bots everywhere on bgs; Russians interrupt hacking every fight I have had today and their priority?


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    New mount from shop great, wait 2 months and let´s buy it from a Russian for 20k like the rest of the mounts :P

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    Don't like the look of these mounts at all even the movement of them sucks, such a shame.

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    Right, from now on I will always assume it'll be a Blizzard Store product whenever a mount pops up during data-mining

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    wow look a wind serpent reskin ..

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    new mount
    many dollars
    must have

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    i've never bought anything from the store. i just might buy this one though. i like how it twists, glides, and looks.

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    Exactly what I expected, just like the golden serpent from pandaria before mop launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    0:36, Iron Horde smith, with Orgrimmar in the background... fail.

    Might be another indicator that WoD is further away than expect.
    Quote Originally Posted by Papir View Post
    So they have time to make this shit and its trailer,but they are stalling on showing the new models they promised earlier?Im starting to loose faith really..
    There is no telling when the trailer was made. Not to mention there is nothing impressive about it. Cata music + voice over + flying over old zones... Must of taken weeks to put this out.

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    I don't see it in the shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    What a cheesy, pretentious and over the top gimmicky trailer. Who really think this is cool? 14 year old boys?
    We're running around playing with Pandas. Seriously. #ALittleSelfAwareness #HashtagsOnMMOCisNotaThing
    Blindingly defending Blizzard; ignorantly trashing Blizzard. Both require an emotional investment that I'm unwilling to give. I'll take reason, logic, facts, and the willingness to accept that I may be wrong. At the end of the day I'll have nothing to account for and I may even have learned something.

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    Wish i could get paid million's for some pixels.

    Requires a sure hand rider and respect.
    or anyone with $25.

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    you guys are foaming at the mouth to pay for things you shouldn't have t pay for

    i guess if the playerbase is this foolish
    they deserve to be bled dry

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    was the orc in the trailer green? if so , then so much for the iron horde lol

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    oh yay, more cash shop only things...

    Also, may have been tempted, but it appears to have that stupid movement thing the sky golem down which is just really annoying.

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