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    That's some nice PVE'r trash talk. PVE is dancing, learning the steps and executing them properly, PVP is fighting! Unpredictable and dynamic!

    AV is more like dancing, step step step to the boss, twirl twirl twirl, and take your bow. The PVE elements in it now are really just running to the end standing around then killing a raid boss. They used to be a lot less predictable, they required time investment and killing of hundreds of players for resources. Its far different.

    And yeah I'd remove all NPCs from AV. I think in its current form it would function better as a reverse AB, where you start with 2000 resources and lose 500 for every tower burned, and 1 for every player death.
    This is false, your objective is to kill your enemies commander first. Somehow this has turned into a race and nothing else, but that really isn't the fault of the Alliance at all. Without your opponent there, the bosses would be a joke. The challenge used to be pushing through your enemy and getting to his boss, or flag, or or node, or whatever. Drek'Thar is really just a node that punches you back.
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    Well. It's called World of WARcraft and not World of 10-people-bash-each-others-head-in-craft.

    It may need more Skill to win a 10v10 BG but I don't get a feeling of being in a war in all those 10s (especially Kotmogu).

    It's sad that AV has lost most of it's "war-feeling" too.
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    Why to be ashamed of that? Sounds silly, if people like it they like it and shouldn't be ashamed of it. :I

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    This is false, your objective is to kill your enemies commander first. Somehow this has turned into a race and nothing else
    Just a thought but maybe, "objective is to kill your enemies commander first" is what turned it "into a race and nothing else"
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    Man, how I used to enjoy the old AV, when I was stuck at level 60 with no Burning Crusade. XD Might be the reason it had so many votes. Remember summoning those big NPCs in the middle of AV? I don't even remember their name, it was quite rare back then, too.

    I do not think the new AV is bad, though. Just different, and one of my favorites with WSG and Twin Peaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    Just a thought but maybe, "objective is to kill your enemies commander first" is what turned it "into a race and nothing else"
    No, it was a players choice. Essentially the map and objectives favor other things. But when the BG starts, the two factions just choose to ride right past each other.

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    I like AV because it plays like PVE. I absolutely cannot stand almost all PVP in WoW, I go to games like LoL for my PVP needs.
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    AV on call to arms is the biggest source of fast honor out of the bgs. This is one of the reasons it did so well in the finding.

    Also a lot of people que for random bgs and so they are randomly assigned the bg, and did not choose it.

    A poll where people vote for their favorite is more accurate but can be trolled easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tankbug View Post
    I think people who voted AV aren't really playing it, they just remember back in the days where it was so much fun.
    Personally, I think WSG is still my favorite. It's so simple that the matches aren't fucked up by clueless randoms.
    For people who do premades, I'm sure they like more complex battlegrounds where they can take advantage of being organized.
    I agree with this entirely. If you asked me what my favourite BG is, it would be Vanilla / TBC-era AV - as both Horde and Alliance (I was Alliance in Vanilla, Horde in TBC). With that said, I think I've played one AV this entire expansion on my main - and it was a random queue - and it was nothing of what it used to be.

    Vanilla AV was pretty amazing, there were tons of objectives that mattered - huge wars in midfield over the midfield towers - which eventually led to super-elite NPC patrols roaming around slaughtering people: until you wanted to assign a PvE group to Kill Team the NPC deathsquads. Eventually the big behemoths of midfield would come out, and chaos would reign in the hearts of men - we fought on for days, never sleeping, until our RL bellies growled from hunger and our minds and even our sight decayed from lack of sleep.

    In time, the sheer loss of life began to feel meaningless, until we were standing in bombardment range of the enemy mages - uncaring - both dissociated and overwhelmed by grief. Whatever goal and ambition we started those wars with, we had surely lost our way - and our souls. War was hell. Requeue ^^

    Kids today zerg rush the final bosses, ignoring the pvp and objectives entirely - and end it in 5-10 minutes without ever seeing the enemy faction. It should be renamed Alterac Valley Triathalon - first you ride your mount across the valley, then you /dance party in the end towers, then you kill a boss NPC: collect points.

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    I love Alterac Valley. Large scale PvP rather than small squads fighting. And it's precisely as much of a PvP BG as you make it. Get your whole team to defend and then come tell me it's not PvP. Personally I don't actually care how much PvP it is. I normally don't care about or even enjoy PvP, so there you go; berate my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paralleluniverse View Post
    Favorite battleground poll:

    So it seems our favorite BG is a skill-less PvE zergfest.

    It's not even really PvP. Unlike, say, Arathi Basin or Twin Peaks, there's no skill involved in Alterac Valley. It's not about who uses their class abilities better. It's about who spams their AoE hardest. Personal skill is mostly irrelevant. And the objective of this favorite BG? Kill a PvE boss.

    This is an utter embarrassment.

    We should all hang our heads in shame at the results of this poll.
    You obviously are a new player to WoW, because earlier on, Alterac Valley was epic. That is where I spent most of my PVP time back in early TBC times.

    Summoning a monster to fight for you as you decimate the horde's ranks, was so sweet....

    There were epic battles wherever you went, and it was not a zerg fest. It required a group to work together to win.

    Early Alterac Valley to me, was what I mentioned...epic. My decision is mostly influenced by nostalgia, and the fact that PvP during TBC times was fun, not like it is presently especially with dying realms that have faction imbalances as well. I also had a warrior that was my first character, and they were pretty OP back then.

    Anyways complaining about a poll is kinda lame btw.
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    I gotta be honest here guys, Alterac Valley is also my favourite BG when I play Alliance, but my second least favourite (IoC last) when I play my Hordes

    I got Alliance alts fully geared in 2 days of AV Cta.... But Horde on the other hand.... ouch.

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