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    Unsubbed til flight returns.

    - Hours of enjoyment: I would get lost, go quest, explore, farm, do just about whatever I wanted to
    - Great value: The price has not risen in the 7 years I've played
    - Friends along the way: I've met some good people who play this game and remind me good people are out there
    - Uniqueness: No other MMO offers every single aspect which WoW does


    - The Community: Anonymity and years of being allowed to run unchecked has brought out toxic players in full force
    - The Trolls: Sit in LFR, Trade Chat, or anywhere else just to be annoying and get people fighting
    - The Economy: Is out of control on some realms and so under performing on others, there is no set standard
    - The Grind: After 7 years, it is still necessary to do the same old stuff just to hit level cap. I leveled my last 2 characters with mining, herbing, and pet battles.


    I think this is still the most amazing MMO in production today, and after trying all the rest, I still continue to come back to Azeroth. Even when taking a short break, I would lurk in the forums to see what was new and hear what people were bitching about next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysaber View Post
    i can promise you, my wife wishes she could go back in time and destroy the founders of Blizzard
    Blizzard are currently up there with Hitler as main targets of assassination if a time machine is ever invented.
    Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

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    Other than entertainment it has had 0 positives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Other than entertainment it has had 0 positives.
    What does that even mean? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by wych View Post
    It gave me something to do when I was younger and didn't enjoy going out as much, gave me some of the best experiences of my life. Will always have a place in my heart for WoW

    - - - Updated - - -

    People ruin their own lives, it's their own fault if they allow WoW to become so big or important that it gets in the way of RL. Blaming it on WoW is just an easy way out of blaming yourself
    I salute your response, sir!

    "when i'm around you i'm like a level 5 metapod. all i can do is harden!"

    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    The people who cry for censorship aren't going to be buying the game anyway. Censoring it, is going to piss off the people who were going to buy it.
    Barret: It's a good thing we had those Phoenix Downs.
    Cloud: You have the downs!

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    The game took my soul......

    Has to share it with my obsession of slugs and beetles though.

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    It's like a drug habit but cheaper (although Blizz recently been trying to fix that)

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    I've been playing since UBRS10 and I've enjoyed the game the entire time. The only thing I really don't like about it is the delusional crazies that run rampant around forums. It's hard to find decent discussion forums because people are so irrationally stupid so often. That's just the way of the internet though. Unfortunate.

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    Hasn't really effected my life that much, i didn't socalise much before wow and i don't intend to after i finish with wow :P I went from watching lots of tv to playing lots of computer games :P Think i feel a bit more mature than when i started but not sure if that's just general growing up. Can remember when i called people noobs when i first started playing >.<

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    World of Warcraft has taken me all over the United States to meet people that I play with. I have had guildies take vacation time from work, drive hours upon hours to my town and spend a week here just to hang out and have fun. I have met the greatest friends I could ever hope for through this game and every time I see someone post how unhappy they are with it, it just makes me wish they could have the same experience I've had with this "game". It is so much more than a game to me in so many ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KClovesGaming View Post
    What does that even mean? lol
    Uh it has positive entertainment value, and has no other positive life value. What was hard to grasp on that?

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