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    97 93.27%
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    7 6.73%
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    Would love if this was possible in a way.
    Just afraid that It won't be possible due to balance mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabian View Post
    How about, make it usable for only SV and MM since they don't use kill command?
    Instead of the petless option in WoD, they could change it to ranged (but then we'll upset everyone who read "hunter" as "archer" and got mad when they saw a pet so probably not).

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    The whole point of a ranged pet would be to eliminate pathing issues, which BM is hurt by most. It wouldn't make sense for BM to the the only spec that doesn't have it.

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    haha. I like to imagine my dragonhawk shots fireballs at range. So yes, I would like one myself.

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