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    peel rogue opener in 2s

    how do i as a ww monk peel stop rogue swifty 1 shot damage when they have evasion up? he opens with dance, trinket and shadow blades plus evasion, is there a way for me to peel him. Or do i have to just run? I usually run double dps

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    Evasion doesn't work from behind so you can Disarm or stun him or use ring of peace.

    Also, if you are the target, run or blink away with transfer.

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    Trinket immediately and put touch of karma on him, even if he cloaks the dot it should keep you alive through his burst.

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    cool thanks

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    nimble the cheap shot, para him, run behind and leg sweep. GG

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenrirx View Post
    nimble the cheap shot, para him, run behind and leg sweep. GG
    This is basically the only thing you can really do. If you know the rogue has evasion up just para him. If he trinkets that (which they will most likely do), Touch of Karma. You forced his trinket and are still alive.

    After that it's basically kite, kite and kite untill your partner has forced the rogue to use up his vanishes. Or just pop your own burst on the rogue, which isn't as optimal because WW Monk burst isn't as easy to set up as rogue burst.

    If he hasn't used evasion, just leg sweep. If he trinkets that, disarm him.

    Flying Serpent Kick usually doesn't really work since rogues can just shadowstep to you and force you into using ToK anyways.

    You'll also have to rely on your partner.

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