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    [WeakAuras] Arms Warrior

    So I've been trying to set up my Weakauras, I miss like 3 things, but I just can't get it to work...
    As you can see on this picture, I got bloodbath and sweeping strikes to show all the time, and they will also start counting down when I use them, like showing how long there is left... I would like this for the rest of the auras aswell (look at this picture to see) what am I missing for the last 3 to show up ALL the time like the two others????
    It's works very well when I use the spell, it count downs, but I want it to stay there on the screen.

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    screenshot your expanded Trigger tab for one that works like you want and one that doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnutbutter View Post
    screenshot your expanded Trigger tab for one that works like you want and one that doesn't.
    Like these links:

    A1 A2
    B1 B2

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    You need to setup aura triggers for some of those abilities.

    For the overpower one, since it relies on having stacks of Taste for Blood and has no CD, the only way it would be visible would be having 1 or more stacks of that buff. This is what I use for arms.

    As for Recklessness, I noticed you only have 1 aura for it. You need two auras, 1 to track the cooldown progress set to inverse - so it shows all the time when ready, and the 2nd as an aura trigger for recklessness on you (player).

    For Enrage, you need an aura trigger similar to Recklessness. Since its not an on-use ability, the only time you will see it is when you are enraged.

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    If you want any aura to show *all* the time, what you can do is just use a trigger that will always trigger. Like, "player = health equal to or more than 0%". Then to get the correct icon, untick the Automatic icon box on the top of the display tab and find the one you want to use (if the search function doesnt find it you can use wowhead, just find the spell and click the icon to find the name for it). On the display tab, just put the strata (at the bottom) to lower than the aura that displays the cooldown/duration or whatever so it won't be on top of it.

    Also, if you only use a single trigger for an aura (like your Sweeping Strikes one), you can also just create a second trigger in that aura and make sure "Any Trigger" on top is ticked. That way you can have just one aura for both the duration of the spell and when it's not on you.
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    Thank you both! So much I've made it work perfectly!!!!

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