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    1: "Make it Rain" You no longer throw sand in people's eyes and you no longer disappear in a puff of smoke, you no longer bleed when struck. You've made it big, you bleed gold, you throw gold, you spray gold. You make it rain.

    2: "Master of Disguise" you don't know what "transmog restrictions" are. You know a guy in a bad part of town you will fix you up with any kinda look for a price.

    3: I kid, there is no three. The cool thing about rogues is always the scarf or cape that's way too long but magically never gets in the way. That's not really an ability modification.



    Reluctant paladin: Some are called into the light, others are nagged into the light. Most of your visual effects are mundane, the summoned angel thing is replaced by a drinking buddy on horse back, all the large glowy yellow magical things are replaced with their mundane counterpart. Your secondary resource is panic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manicwrath View Post
    death knight "hellfire" makes zero sense. what indication is there that fire is involved?
    Did you not play WotLK?
    Alexstrasza used her cleansing fires to grant life to Bolvar, in the process turning him into a molten zombie.

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    Perhaps next expansion (after WoD) we have a questline to earn our max level talents, instead of just getting them at lvl 110 automatically. You'd do a series of quests which grant you each talent individually, teaching you how to use them.

    I would like to see a proper hunter quest, where you have to track down an elusive beast. The direhorns on the Isle of Giants were a great opportunity for a hunter questline. Something like that but fleshed out would be cool.

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    I want a way for a priest to heal with dark magic or dps with light magic.

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    I think this is a great idea. And many people have given some fantastic examples.

    Blizz said when implementing the warlocks' green fire that they would do other things like this when it felt right.

    Seems a lot easier for casters to have an outstanding modification. Someone mentioned mage spells becomming sandy as a sandwalker would have. I think for melee, it would be rather limited to just auras. Someone mentioned smoke around a rogue. Perhaps glowing streaks of light zooming around a paladin? Warriors might be a bit tough, but I'm sure it could be done well.

    The only thing about what I mentioned above is that is just aura effects and such for the hell of it. The green fire had very strong lore behind it.

    Another thing to consider would be junking up your screen with spell effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goondicker View Post
    I think this is a great idea. And many people have given some fantastic examples.

    Blizz said when implementing the warlocks' green fire that they would do other things like this when it felt right.

    Seems a lot easier for casters to have an outstanding modification. Someone mentioned mage spells becomming sandy as a sandwalker would have. I think for melee, it would be rather limited to just auras. Someone mentioned smoke around a rogue. Perhaps glowing streaks of light zooming around a paladin? Warriors might be a bit tough, but I'm sure it could be done well.

    The only thing about what I mentioned above is that is just aura effects and such for the hell of it. The green fire had very strong lore behind it.

    Another thing to consider would be junking up your screen with spell effects.
    This is pretty close to my feelings on it as well. Green fire didn't come out of nowhere, and it isn't additional visual noise, just something different.

    Are there really any other class identity visuals that aren't attached to their classes already? I mean, certain classes should always be mounted, and rogues should be able to climb walls and shaman should be able to wield a massive totem... there's a few others. None of those are quite as simple as the green fire thing though and none of those half as requested.

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    Not specifically a quest, but I'd love to see separate colors/effects between races. For instance, Night Elven Priests of the moon should have blue light. That would be freaking awesome. Or, voodoo-ish Troll priest, shaman, and warlock effects.

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    I wanna be able to turn into Xuen and run as fast as a mount. Or get Xuen as a mount. Also would be cool to be able to use your weapons for like all the abilities, could be pretty cool. But that's more of a glyph, rather then some quest chain imo.

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    Heh, necromancer Frost Mages. Replace Frost Spells with more shadowy versions, people frozen to the ground are grabbed by skeletal hands instead. Replace water elemental with a caster skeleton.

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    Rogues could have posion effects replace certain abilities. Instead of a puff of smoke make it look like a posion cloud. Fan of knives could send out posion darts that are green tinged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weightlifter View Post
    Yellow snowflakes for DKs
    you mean you want DKs to pee on their ice?

    sorry, nope.

    as much as I love the idea of being attacked with pee from a sexy DK lady, DKs are undead, and according to Sean Copeland (one of blizzards Historians) the undead do not pee.

    they don't poop either, as a matter of fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Butcher View Post

    Blizzard Store - *HOT*

    - Death Knight: [Hellfire Questline] - Turns all your frost spells & racial mount into a fiery animation, in honor of the new lich king. - 35 EURO - 40 USD
    - Druids: [Druid of the Flame Questline] - Turns your druid forms into cosmetic fire forms. - 35 EURO - 40 USD
    I fix'd it. I can see this c'ming

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    you mean you want DKs to pee on their ice?

    sorry, nope.

    as much as I love the idea of being attacked with pee from a sexy DK lady, DKs are undead, and according to Sean Copeland (one of blizzards Historians) the undead do not pee.

    they don't poop either, as a matter of fact.
    Did he say "do not pee" or "can not pee" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrugner View Post
    Did he say "do not pee" or "can not pee" ?

    "Do the undead defecate and urinate? How do they get rid of the flesh they eat? Did the Lich King need to bio?"

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Those kinds of bodily functions are concerns for the living.

    since the question started with "do" and not with "can", I believe the answer is "do not pee".

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    You can actually pick up a seed in FL now to turn you into the fire kitty without using the staff.

    I don't think every class needs a direct equivalent of green fire, a cool lore chain with some kind of sweet reward would suffice. Say a cool class mount or some sweet ass mog gear at the end?
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Priest Questline:

    Seeing as Anduin is being made out to be what Thrall was in Cataclysm for some undisclosed expansion in the future, and that both factions do interact with him from time to time, he would be a good fit for the main character throughout this questline.

    Once Anduin arrives on Draenor, he meets this Velen from this alternate Draenor. He tries to learn from this Velen as he has done with the one in our timeline. This Velen discloses some new information about the power of the light to Anduin that our Velen hasn't. He tells Anduin that in order to become a true master of the light, one must fully understand the bright side of the light, the dark side of the light, and the hardships a priest must endure to fully understand the power of both sides. Velen sends you and Anduin on a journey to uncover these truths.

    The questline would be separated into three small chapters. Each chapter would mimic and represent a priest specialization. In order to complete each chapter of the questline, the priest must complete it in the appropriate spec of the chapter (be in Shadow spec for the dark side of the light chapter, holy for bright side of light, and hardships chapter would be discipline).

    Velen first sends you to Shattrath City to visit A'dal, who is to teach you about the hardships you must endure on the road ahead on discovering the truths of the bright and dark sides of the light. For this chapter of the quest, you must complete it in Discipline spec. A'dal then issues you a challenge. To complete this challenge, you must prevent large amounts of damage from inflicting damage to you and Anduin. A'dal will alternate with opening up portals to the twisting nether to bring in dark energies of the light to descend upon you and Anduin and summoning holy powers of his own. These dark and light energies will either hurt you, or they will be facades. There will be subtle cues during the fight to signify if the energies will harm or do nothing to you. If they do damage to you, they will deal damage that is greater than both you or Anduin's health pools, so you must apply absorbs to both of you before the damage comes in order to survive. If the energies are harmless, but you ready your absorbs just in case, A'dal marks you with a debuff that makes it harder to put absorbs up on you and Anduin. If you complete the challenge, A'dal congratulates you, and sends you into the second chapter of the questline.

    The second chapter would send you back to our timeline (insert some clever hook for this transition here) and take you to the city of Darnassus to meet Tyrande. Tyrande will teach you about the bright side of the light, and what it means to use it. In order to complete this part of the quest, you must be in Holy spec. Tyrande tells you that even in the darkest of places, that you can get the light to shrine through. With Tyrande during this chapter of the quest, is Malfurion. Malfurion states that there has been some activity at the Rift of Aln in the Emerald Nightmare, and that him and a small army of druids have been dispatched to the Emerald Nightmare to deal with it. He calls upon you and Anduins power of the light to guard them while they quell the "activity" (Yes I know druids are the only ones that can apparently make it into the Emerald Dream/Nightmare, but Malfurion made a special request to Cenarius or something and somehow came up with a way to get them in.). Malfurion then transports you to the Rift of Aln in the Emerald Nightmare to meet up with the army of druids. Once you arrive, you see that the army of druids is already under attack by faceless ones and other evil beings that are seeping from the rift. The atmosphere is extremely dark here (think the bottom of Vashj'ir dark). Malfurion asks you to heal Malfurion and his army of druids while they take down the beings emerging from the rift. Waves of monsters will come out of the rift. Each wave will either do heavy single target damage to individual druids or Malfurion, or they will do large amounts of AoE damage to the whole army. This will force the player to switch between their Chakra's properly to handle each situation. On the last wave of trash there will of course be a sort of miniboss that will require you to swap Chakra's constantly to handle rapid swapping between single target and AoE healing. Once the miniboss has been defeated, you hear a deep, dark voice utter a few shuddering words from the rift.

    "Huahuahuahua....that was just a will find out.....some day."

    Once the monsters seemed to have stopped coming from the Rift and the activity has seemed to cease, Malfurion declares victory and takes everyone back to Darnassus to meet back up with Tyrande to inform her that you and Anduin performed your role successfully. Tyrande will then send you off to complete the final chapter of the questline.

    The third chapter of the questline takes you to Undercity to convene with the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow will attempt to provide you with wisdom of the dark side of the light...only if you pass their challenges. The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow have three challenges you must past in order to complete this part of the quest (which of course must be completed in Shadow spec). Each challenge centers around one of the three virtues of the cult: Respect, Tenacity, and Power. Each of the three challenges will flow into one another.

    To complete all three challenges, the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow send you and Anduin along to accompany a Lightslayer (an assassin of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow that serves the purpose of vanquishing enemies that follow the holy light) on a mission to take out a new section of the Scarlet Monastery the Scarlet Crusade is constructing in order to attempt to push their influence further into Tirisfal Glades.

    The first part of the mission will be the trial of Respect. The Cult of Forgotten Shadow teaches that one must respect the power of the ones around you, including your opponent's. You must know when to take on an opponent or when to avoid them. For this part of the challenge, you, Anduin, and the Lightslayer will sneak around the outskirts of the site of this new Scarlet Monastery addition and take out various guards with different health pool levels. If you one shot the guard with your ability, he will die and you can move on. If he doesn't get one shot, he will charge you instantly and one shot you instead. The goal would be to one shot lower health targets with your shadow orb generating abilities and then one shot higher health targets with Devouring Plague. Once you take out all designated targets, you can move on to the second challenge.

    The second part will be the trial of Tenacity. In the trial of Tenacity, you learn that Tenacity to the cult is to try and overcome adversity that might be present around you. Even though a task might seem impossible, that if one has enough perseverance, they will in the end, succeed. In this challenge, you must face an elite boss and use every single of your shadow priestly abilities to overcome him. Once you have defeated him, you realize that you, Anduin, and the Lightslayer might've spent too long in trying to defeat him, as a whole legion of Scarlet Crusade has been notified of your presence. It is now time for the final challenge, the trial of Power.

    In the final trial, you must take out this entire legion of Scarlet Crusade bearing down upon you by learning the meaning of Power. To the Cult, Power is something that someone must always strive to obtain, but never take too much, as it might overwhelm them. But if you never try to pursue power, you will starve and whither. When the three of you notice the legion of Crusaders, the Lightslayer grants you a power that appears as an extra action button. This button will enable you to drain the power from the Crusaders you slay in battle to increase your stats and power. You will also receive a power bar that shows how much power you have attained. The power will slowly decay over time, so you must keep draining power from the Crusaders in order to keep up your own. But be careful, if you drain too much, you will be absolutely overwhelmed with power, and be greatly hindered in combat (slowed, randomly dazed, ticking damage on you, etc.). The key will be to keep up enough power to enable the three of you to escape before the Scarlet Crusade overwhelms you. Once you have successfully escaped, with your mission complete, you will report back to Undercity to reconvene with the Cult. Some more RP takes place, and then Anduin suggests that you and him should make your way back to Draenor to inform Velen of the lessons you have learned.

    Once back in Draenor, you and Anduin speak to Velen and tell him of the challenges you faced, and how you handled them. Then, Velen will grant you the title "the Ascended" (priest specific title that is NOT account bound) and enables you to swap on command the color of all your abilities from having shadowy looks to having holy light looks. So a holy priest could heal people with shadowy spells, or a disc priest could surround people in dark shields. Or a shadow priest could illuminate their target with powers of the light instead of shadow. This could be swapped in combat and would have a few second gradual transition in color swap (ie. If you swapped it in the middle of a Mind Flay, you'd actually see your mind flay smoothly change from one color to the other.).

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    I've always had some ideas, never bothered fleshing them out entirely though- because that's pointless. I've also liked some other ideas I've heard.

    1. War Banners - Your buff shouts now act as a war banners that attach to your character in some fashion which are customizable. (Casting a shout puts the banner visibly on your character)
    2. Improved Rage effects, fury more visible, especially in eyes.

    1. White Light / D3 Influence, Wings especially
    2. Shadow Paladin (hey it opens up room for shared lore with Forsaken Paladins also), not as heavy as S.Priest, no see through stuff, but shadow spells and effects instead of holy ones

    1. Throwing Weapons return - would suggest a normalization between 1h axes/swords/dagger/hammer/xbows/bows/guns, and after completing this chain allows you to equip 1h weapons as ranged but no longer guns/bows/xbows - a lot of spells like arcane shot have replaced and enhanced visual effects
    2. New Pet Types that function like existing pet types but are exceptionally unique, like Void Beasts or Robot pets with accompanying spell effects, void shot/quick shot instead of arcane shot

    1. Shadow effects, more smokey and shadowy

    1. reversed visual effects

    1. Unique Race-based Totem "packs" - a replacement to totems, adding a solid back visual that replaces your cape/cloak. All of the elements are visible on the pack and activate individually based on totem abilities used. Modifying a lot of abilities obviously, aura totems become auras centered around you. Totems like Searing totem fire from you, etc. Earthbind-esque totems i imagine would retain their original functionality with improved visuals however for obvious reasons

    1. Swapped specs - Shift your specs to the right ladies and gents. New visual effects across the board, your Arcane Blast functions like arcane blast, casts like arcane blast, but looks like Fire Blast. Your Frost bolt becomes Arcane Bolt, Frost Elemental to Arcane Elemental with slow effects appearing as slow time instead of chilled. etc

    1. Fel energy, we already got it!

    1. I'm thinking along the lines of the Legendary Udyr skin from League of Legends

    1. The Druid of the Nightmare - Evil, but I like the idea, kinda like how dks/fel fire work now
    2. Druid of the Flame - Same as above

    Death Knight
    1. Amp'd up Specs race/spec based visuals - Every race has their characters skin re-textured slightly to show off your spec (lots of work, yeah) Blood, your skin becomes brighter with the color of your races blood and your eyes bleed instead of glow, improved visual spell effects. Frost, your skin is frozen with some visible ice covering it and an aura of frost, where as Unholy you appear more decayed with perhaps slight visual aura effect such as insect swarm but just a few bugs and what looks like faint gas etc

    just some ideas

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    Lots of concepts, color me impressed!
    I like white fire for mages
    Quote Originally Posted by Naphta
    The tank is the driver, healer is the fuel. And the DPS are the kids sitting in the back crying about if they're there yet. And this is coming from a DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    i don't think the fire druid questline is a good idea, and i'm gonna tell you why:

    Ragnaros was defeated, the druids of the flame were defeated, leyara is dead, fandral is dead, the fire druids are no more. They have no more reason to be.

    Now, there's one threat for druids that hasn't been cleared up yet, and it's awesome. It's the emerald nightmare. Malfurion defeated xavius and stopped the nightmare from spreading, but he didn't defeat the source of the nightmare, the old god n'zoth, so it's just a matter of time before the nightmare reawakens.

    What i propose for durids is to have an epic questline to become a druid of the nightmare, a special kind of druid taken from the wow rpg book (they aren't canon, but blizzard often takes stuff from them and adds to the game).

    "a druid of the nightmare is a variant class of druid. Not all druids revere the emerald dream. A few rare and twisted individuals channel the nightmare, a rent in the perfection of the emerald dream. Most of these druids of the nightmare were once normal druids who inadvertently came in contact with the nightmare (often while dreamwalking) and fell under its insidious influence. However, an increasing number of people have become druids of the nightmare through their own volition. Whereas traditional druids seek a communion with nature, druids of the nightmare become increasingly divorced from the natural order. Druids of the nightmare transform into vermin such as monstrous scorpions or monstrous spiders instead of the animals other druids choose. Most of their abilities involve corrupting or destroying nature or warping the minds and bodies of others. At some point, the druid of the nightmare is fully removed from nature; instead of aging as others, they develop random and unusual features (such as scales or tentacles) as they advance in years."

    -dark factions

    so, what i propose is a questline where you go into an adventure to defeat the new nightmare lord, and save the world from the nightmare once more. In your quest, you realize that the nightmare lord is too strong in his domains, and than you are given a moral choice: To absorb nightmare and become more powerful (and tainted) to fight the nightmare lord, or to try to defeat him properly regardless of the odds.

    If you choose to fight properly, cenarius will give you his blessing during the fight, and after the nightmare lord is defeated, you'll gain the cenarion form, that looks like a dryad / keeper of the grove. It can use the other forms as aspects ("aspect of the cat" instead of cat form, for instance), and it can wear armor.

    Now if you choose to absorb nightmare, you'll be buffed by the nightmare, and after the fight is over, your druid forms will be changed for nightmare forms.

    cat form -> snake form (because of the druids of the fang, which are a type of druids of the nightmare)
    bear form -> arachnid form (spiders for trolls (because shandra) and worgen (because silverpine forest), and scorpids for night elves (because fandral) and tauren)
    moonkin form -> faceless form (because n'zoth is the origin of the nightmare)
    travel form -> lizard form
    aquatic form -> anglerfish form
    treant form -> corrupted treant form
    tree of life -> nightmare lord (similar to xavius in the "stormrage novel", a big and nightmarish tree)

    afterwards, if you regret your choice, you can corrupt yourself, losing the cenarion form, and gaining nightmare forms, or you can ask cenarius to cleanse your spirit, losing the nightmare forms, and gaining the cenarion form :d
    I would reroll druid instantly

    blizzard pls.

    On-topic though, I'd love more class quests as like a in-between raid patch. maybe make 6.1 just all class quests?
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