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    Because pets limited by region are unfair.
    Mountain Dew promotion was US only prior to that.
    Some pets have been China only, one of which now I think is a RaF reward.
    Some of the China pets are, the crystal panthers. Not the murlocs. I think.

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    I personally am not a fan of TF2. For shits, I decided to install it and give it a shot with a friend of mine. After logging in, I had literally DOZENS of hats and cosmetic shit just from all the other games and things I've purchased on steam or participated in. I did end up uninstalling the game merely hours after installing it, But it amazed me at how many I actually had. There were several that my friend told me were extremely rare, and it surprised him that I had them.

    Unfortunately, Blizzard isn't partners with anyone to that caliber, but it would be really cool to get things like that. I had the Mt. Dew robot on a handful of my characters, and I don't even drink that stuff. But I had a lot of the fuel, too. I love little bonuses like that.

    As far as how Blizz is going about it, if they release cosmetic items that are actually cool, I'd be all over it. I'm not a fan of the helms they released, and as such, have never bought them. In RIFT, once they released that store, fuck, I probably dropped $100+ just on cosmetic shit for my chars. I did not, however, buy ANY of the mounts or pets, because they aren't account wide like they are in WoW. If they were, I would've been all over them, too. I love stuff like that, and I don't care if it costs money, as long as the price is realistic.
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    Politicians put their hand on the BIBLE and swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. They did not put their hand on the CONSTITUTION and swear to uphold the BIBLE.
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    no only the golden pig and the silver pig are the asian pets that was added to RAF if im not mistaken
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    The one thing WoW does NOT need is player designed content and so I hope Blizz never goes the road of TF2 in that respect. I think it would be nice though to see more frequent additions to the store, but not so much as to over-saturate the Blizz store (and also not over-saturate this forum with more whining posts than we've already got).

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    Because Team Fortress 2 is not an MMORPG?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Blizzard is really not one for a community driven experience, not since WC3 at least. It has its pros and cons but honestly, its never going to happen so its all just speculation. Hats ruined TF2 imo. I really dislike micro-transactions and what they do to games.
    It's not hats that ruined TF2, its amount of non-standard weaponry (some weapon makes your character way off his role, like Demos cannon or his melee weapons). Hats were fun when there wasn't so much of them. I think first time i've stopped playing TF2 was when the uber-flamethrower was released (the one that reduces time to change weapons), i was crying laughing of all people who i've killed with 100%-crit-axe-on-burning-targets, then i said that it's bullshit and quit. Second time was when flaming china-themed minigun was released, stomped couple of pubs with it and quit again.

    I think Valve does nothing for TF2, they basically said "you are on you own now" for it by releasing community-made things
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