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    A weird new leveling idea

    I had an idea earlier today as I was leveling through outland, and then Northrend on my new deathknight. And noticed that I literally did 5 quests in each zone and moved on to a new zone. You level so quickly now that it has to feel weird for new players, even feels weird for me as I was leveling through all the zones.

    What if they did a level squish? at level 50. Outland, northrend, or vanilla were optional ways to get to 60. Giving more option, but allowing players to experience the entire patch's worth of quests. Instead of some weird hop through.

    Meaning cata would be 60-65 mop 65-70.

    This would be a larger scale item squish. Raids could remain the same difficulty, as well as heroic dungeons. but levels would scale down.

    Or. Another option, Northrend and Outland become both optional ways to level from 60-80.

    thoughts? I know it's a bit crazy.

    but it would increase replay value on new alts. and make doing the old zones interesting again, with story.
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    I'm all for reducing max level. It sucks to have levels which don't grant anything at all - no abilities, no talents, nothing but a minor increase of stats. Ideallly, there's got to be roughly as much levels as there are abilities in average.
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    Shortening the time it takes to level does nothing for replay value, it's already easy enough to take 2 paths through each expansion that sometimes share the same starting zone and then split off.

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    5 quest a zone? I am sorry but I am going to call bullshit on that. You would have more traveling time then real questing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    5 quest a zone? I am sorry but I am going to call bullshit on that. You would have more traveling time then real questing.
    Unless he is a tank and queues exactly after finishing a run.

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    My weird leveling idea

    If leveling 1-100 is too much for new players and old players leveling alts with/without heirlooms, and old content is irrelevent, then my solution would not be selling characters. I would make new content.

    Take scenerios, have them cover lore/zone storylines, give 5 or 10 levels for completion with guaranteed gear drops (perhaps even heirloom style BoP's that level some or all the way to X level.

    Leveling is fun again, it's fast, and new players can still get to their friends ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    Unless he is a tank and queues exactly after finishing a run.
    but then you didn't really quest and was more like spaming dungeons. you can still do that no matter how long leveling will take. you can even farm mats from 1-90 without any problem(beside the shitload of time you spend on it)

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    I recently posted a similar idea:
    There are too many zones now from 1-90, making you rush through storylines you only see half of.
    To reduce the amount of zones, they should allow a choice between Outland or Northrend, without having to do both. They have separate stories, disconnected from the rest of Azeroth, so this would have little impact.
    They could also fix the jump from cata 1-60 story -> outland/northrend -> cata 80-85 story by joining the cata stories together.
    You'd then get something like
    1-60 vanilla
    60-70 cata
    70-80 outland -or- northrend
    80-90 pandaria
    90-100 warlords

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