View Poll Results: Would you run LFR if there was no loot to be obtained?

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    Yes, once or twice. Then no.

    If you're proposing that this would be a good idea, no it wouldn't.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I often run flex/lfr several times pr week on same char. Either to help others, or because i'm bored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpunkz View Post
    No! LFR is tourist mode for casual players to see content. People can clear LFR with 1 or 2 people Afk. That is not raiding!
    The gear should have different designs. And this should be the legendary drop from LFR raiding:

    When used have the power to change the entire history and gameplay of this game and instantly created 50 threats of QQ on Blizzard official forums to reduce the difficulty of the entire game. ^^
    well then 40 man raiding in classic wasnt raiding because you could kill bosses with 8 dead and 4 either afk or DCd.

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    Loot in LFR, doesnt realy matter to me. What matters is that doing LFR is basicly one of the stepping stones when gearing your char, unless you get boosted there realy is not any other options. TI 535 changed this abit, but still..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post

    my whole opinion of this thread is actually summed up on the early pages when the reverse was suggested. would you still do heroic if it did not reward gear? hell no you wouldnt.

    end of story
    heroic is the pinnacle of raiding LF"R" is, well, not.

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    Once to do the story. Can't imagine the queue times if it still requires a full raid and doesn't give any tangible reward, though.
    but the tangible reward is getting to SEE the content that you are otherwise incapable of completing.
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    Once to see the content, then probably leave the game as there's no more progression paths for my preference.
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    Advancing your character is a big part of MMORPG's, the OP question makes no sense whatsoever and honestly just seems to be some 8/14 normal raider who's trying to start a flame war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispin View Post
    Advancing your character is a big part of MMORPG's, the OP question makes no sense whatsoever and honestly just seems to be some 8/14 normal raider who's trying to start a flame war.
    i agree,
    stop wasting our time on pointless threads like this, if you are so self centered that your heart
    ache over a geared LFR raider when your guild is stuck
    on HC or normal - thats your problem, dont come here to incite a flaming war to ease your jealousy.

    Infracted, we all have opinions. You are welcome not to comment, or report a thread if you think it should be reviewed.
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    Mod-note: After further review of this thread, I think it is best to close it while the time is good. This discussion has come up, like many (and I mean, MANY) before that. In the end, it always leads to some directed hits on users, playerbase or the original poster. I do not find a full reason for a topic like this to exist every month in a new flavour and color. You are getting a nice padlock on this topic, and take it as it is.

    If you wish to unlock this, then you are welcome to contact a mod.

    - Gehco
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