Step 1. Kill Garrosh
Step 2. Witness Cinematic
Step 3. ????
Question: Step 4. /profit or /fail ?

With no world event pre mists of pandaria it felt like playing the beta patch; we'd just go out and buy the game and install, and for no reason at all, the same panderan were sitting in Stormwind, feeling exactly as it was before retail launch

When we play Warlords of Draenor beta, whether or not Garrosh is just doing his thing with the iron horde

He still has to stand trial in Pandaria, and Blizzard's mentioned a world event of some kind this time around, but with pre mists of pandaria they messed up, with no world event, and told a story through manga lore with Christie Golden's World of Warcraft books

Not fun for anybody addicted to playing World of Warcraft - which is all of us

How about a pre-Warlords of Draenor world event where you witness Garrosh stand trial and, and have the option of fighting for him, standing up for his innocence, and as a result, get to play a phased Iron Horde, and have to break him free

As he's found guilty, sentenced to death, caged locked up, sentenced to die at midnight

Like the vanila blackrock depths Onyxia jailbreak quest, but 10,000x more badass

To tie the lore rift between the trial in pandaria -> warlords of draenor, rather than just buy the game at retail launch, and read the Garrosh book in the spring (again!)

Either a) like level 10 panderan can choose to ally your horde character with horde or iron horde, or, b) dark grey skinned horde option still allied to horde

Its pre-Warlords of Draenor in that you get to see the other side: the enemy, and help them with what their doing, up and until enemy players step through the portal

And then either being an enemy iron horde for the whole time, just that one character, or being a traitor and be caught, prove your worth, and as a result, get these new badass Horde character[s], that could even unlock further customization

[think of pre burning crusade like this, being able to play this buff red skinned orc with huge shoulder spikes and fangs - on steroids]