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    Help me improve

    Hi,everyone. I'm raid leader for my guild and so far we're 14/14 normal and 2/14 heroic having just started heroic. I'm nearly always top of the healing charts depending on the fight, but I know i can always do more. I want to know what i should be doing for gems/reforging. I'm comfortable where I am for spirit, and use intellect flasks for raids.

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    Well, to start with, spirit is higher than it really needs to be. You could drop 4-6000 or so with no issues really. Try it once and you'll notice that the difference is minimal assuming you use your other mana regen toys well. I personally run 6400 spirit at the moment.

    Haste is just bad really, reforge as much as possible into crit > mastery

    Gems should be:
    Red socket = Int/crit
    Yellow socket = crit
    Blue socket = spirit/crit

    Ignore +60 spirit socket bonuses (feet, rings) and just go +320 crit instead.
    Enchants look good except that you could use int+crit on legs.

    Twist of Faith beats Power Infusion fights with any kind of adds. Grab it and get used to smiting adds for a good uptime.
    I consider the Penance glyph to be mandatory, just for the added mobility. Use Penance + Weakened Soul + fight specific
    I prefer Void Tendrils over the other level 15 talents because it's actually situationally useful on some fights.

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    for disc stats prios are 7-8k spi, yellow sockets - crit, red - int/crit, gem around socket bonus's but it it isn't a decent int one gem pure crit, blue/green you want spi/crit gems.

    my stats unbuffed are 45426 SP, 7185 spi, 12593(46.38%) mastery, 14838(38.18%) crit, 1960 haste, completely unbuffed in 567 ilvl.

    raid buffed sitting at 58k plus SP, around 53% mastery, just under 45% crit, and 9% ish haste.

    Also don't use healer cloak as disc it sucks and the dps one helps to proc ToT much more often, drop spirit gems where you can and pick up hybrid ones but crit is the focus as well as balancing your mastery to much higher levels if possible which you could probably attain at least 10k switching all that extra spirit around.

    The main thing is with low spirit is to monitor your LMG procs so you can maximise free shield spams and getting maximum usage of rapture procs or a low spirit build won;t work as well.

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    Alright i updated some gems/reforges and took out some spirit. Sitting at 35% mastery 35.36% crit 12.36% haste and 7,882 spirit. Not sure what else i should do now

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