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  • classic

    45 11.66%
  • The burning crusade

    146 37.82%
  • WrathTLK

    88 22.80%
  • Cata

    15 3.89%
  • Mists Of P'

    24 6.22%
  • Mix-match.

    68 17.62%
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    Your Most-Used Expansion's Tier Transmogs?

    Title sounds weird but what expansion do you use the most tiers off to transmog? Do you just love TBC or Cata sets? or perhaps mixed match pieces?

    Myself usually goes for Wrath and Classic, i love the simple dark sets, dislike all the flashy big animation shoulders and helms.

    The poll is to see where most people are transmogging their sets from
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    I assume you will have the poll up shortly; in the meantime, almost all of my transmog comes from TBC. The sets from that era had a nice style to them, and that style wasn't as tied to the content it came from.

    Example: Pally T6 vs. Pally T8. I loved both, but T6 was simply a paladin set. T8 was an Ulduar Paladin set; still very good, but very distinctive as more than just a class style.

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    I use mostly parts from Wrath, but I've put in pieces from TBC and MoP as well. (Some Wrath gladiator gear, a BC cape, helm, and bracers, and MoP belt and boots.)
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    None of the above. Challenge mode sets on all my toons. I dont like seeing other classes wear recolors of other classes tier sets.

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    Usually BC mostly because of nostalgic reasons and the sets mostly seem to stay true to the class rather than most sets these days that go for patch theme over class theme aka SoO.

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    Mostly Wrath sets T8 on my Hunter, DK, and Lock and Wrathful Gladiator's Battlegear on my warrior.

    Though my warriors tank set is Gladiator's battle gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoughJustice View Post
    None of the above. Challenge mode sets on all my toons. I dont like seeing other classes wear recolors of other classes tier sets.
    That's still a Mog from MoP :P, word rearranging yo!
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    Ever since transmog was implemented, it's always been:

    Tier 10 (Warrior, ilevel 264 set), with the HLK25 mace and the shield from Blood Queen. Fury/Arms has always been T13 (Heroic as a NE, normal as a BE), with basically anything that I felt like using (normally Ashkandi, the newer Sulfuras, or an axe from BWL). I've never used anything else as either spec.

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    To be honest, as a hunter I feel kinda shafted in the tier art department, I've never really been a huge fan... That said, I LOVE my heroic Lightning Stalker set, because, murlocs. But I often use either the Shado pan helm with the BC hunter PvP armor, or, since I have a cloak that I cannot xmog, I hide that, and use the Cmode armor. Because, fuck that's an ugly cloak.
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    I was using ICC for a while, until I get the Challenge mode set. Been using that pretty much for the whole expansion.
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    Usually mix match, until I got CM set and the Dark shaman set, now both my gear sets are well...set as far as xmog goes.

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    DK: Malevolent Glad set, so MoP
    Mage: The Blue PvP Tirisfal set, so BC
    Hunter: Mostly BC blues, customized set
    Priest: Mostly BC epics and some quest greens, customized set
    Warrior: Alabaster Plate set, Vanilla greens
    Paladin: Enchanted Thorium set + T2 belt, Vanilla
    Rogue: When I actually get the damned boots to drop from Shade of Aran, customized BC epics/blues
    Warlock: Dreadmist Set (the real one, not BoA or Replica lol), Vanilla
    Shaman: Currently the Red/Yellow mail Vanilla set, currently farming the T4 set, BC
    Druid: BC Stag helm + Cata starter greens, custom set
    Monk: Currently nothing, I rarely even play it

    84 Twinks:
    Paladin: Soulforge for tanking, BC Lightforge Recolor for Heals
    Warrior: Mostly Vanilla greens for both tanking and Fury
    Warlock: T1
    Druid: Currently nothing, as her set is a combination of cloth and leather. Haven't bothered trying to put a set together.
    Rogue: T6

    So looks like mostly BC, followed by Vanilla. The DK Dreadful and Malevolent set are hands down the coolest freaking armor sets I have ever seen. I'm annoyed I could never get the red set, as it would've been perfect for Blood tanking, while I use the blue one for DW Frost. I would ultimately like to get the Ulduar set for my Warlock, I have the chest and helm, but I can't solo it and I can never find a group willing to go.
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    Interesting atm. First, I choose TBC tier 5 and 6 for my lock mainly and t5 for my warrior. I see Lich leading atm. While I loved the t8 in lich I think Lich was the worst of all bunches. First the t7 was just Naxx recycle, t9 was really bad for alliance, it looked like it was from mardi gras. Horde was pretty good. T10 was okay. Back to TBC and the sets I like the most were the ones that fit a warlock the most.

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    For me it depends on the character. My mage is running around in heroic Firelands tier, while my warrior is wearing the BoE green Conqueror's set from BC era. Paladin is wearing Wrath questing items (love the bulky armor look).

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    I absolutely love my HC:T12 for my Hunter.

    I use the Steamworker Goggles off Flame Leviathan, Tabard of the Achiever and Ancient Amani Longbow(Original ZA) with it. Looks fantastic.
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    full tier 3 on my priest
    dk cm set on my... dk
    pally in full jade plate
    2nd priest in a customized greens set from classic
    rogue is using some blues from classic and daggers from zul'aman
    3rd priest in full tier 2 and benediction

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    Tier 3, Tier 2 recolors from BC dungeons, Tier 6, Tier 8, Tier 11 and Tier 12 are my favorites, easily. I love the purples from Firelands and the glows from old Naxx especially.

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    Depends on which character I'm on. My Druid is using the T8.5 Rogue lookalike set (dem shoulders) for Guardian and T7.5 Druid for Restoration, my Warrior is using T15 LFR Warrior and my DK is using Paladin Dungeon Set 1 (fairly dated but makes me smile) with the Crusader title.

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    DK - MOP pve set
    Monk - LK currently ULD rogue set
    Lock - Uld mage
    Hunter - MOP shaman set
    Shaman - MOP shaman mixed set

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    I pretty much alternate between Wrath and Cata gear.

    Warlock, btw.
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