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  • classic

    45 11.66%
  • The burning crusade

    146 37.82%
  • WrathTLK

    88 22.80%
  • Cata

    15 3.89%
  • Mists Of P'

    24 6.22%
  • Mix-match.

    68 17.62%
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    There's very little I like after TBC, most sets just don't feel much like my vision of the class, although the Mists cloth questing sets were really nice; I used the whitish one on my priest for some time. A couple of Mists tier sets are good, but as I only do LFR and the good colours are always normal/heroic, those will have to wait.

    Priest: T5 (also have T1 when I feel like a change)
    Druid: T6
    Shaman: Dungeon 2
    Rogue: Vanilla greens in a Syndicate Rogue outfit, working on T6 (also have Dungeon 2)
    Paladin: Warrior T1 recolour (also have T2, would like T9 when I level enough to go for it)
    Warlock: T1 (considering Sunwell set when I level up)
    Warrior: Cataclysm levelling dungeons gear
    2nd priest: Primal Mooncloth (T1 recolour)
    Mage: T5
    Hunter: Dungeon 2
    Monk: Green 30-35 questing set

    Hmm, I voted for TBC but it looks like I actually use more Classic than TBC, oh well, I like both about equally anyway!

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    My plate toons use challenge mode gear so mop. I may have also used the vanilla plate greens.

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    Vanilla, tier3 mainly.

    Still had my priest t3 from vanilla, I held on to it after playing Aion and with that game having transmorphing options, my hope was that one day WoW would implement it as well, finally after years of waiting it did. Most priestly looking gear to me, amazing design and colour sheme (unlike the horrible wrath recolour, argh).

    When black market went live and I was on a dead server (which ment cheap t3), bought tier3 priest for my mage alt, and the shaman t3 for my shaman. Not only does the gear look amazing, it reminds me of the great times I had back then.

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    Mixture, depending on what race i'm playing.. Currently my Mage's transmog is the Ulduar 10 T8 Recolour.

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    BC all the way for my mage. Except for mage t5 (which I only refer to as the "janitor's regalia") BC had some of the most awesome looking set design across all classes imo.
    Wearing a mix of Sunwell and t4 along with the "Blessed Robe of Undead Cleansing" (a cloth recolor of paladin's judgement chest) most of the time.

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    Seen a shit load of people using BC gear, even though I really dislike it myself.

    Human Warrios with tier 6 are everywhere. :l
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    id have to say 80% of the time, burning crusade. the other 10% is mostly wrath.
    for example, for my dk i cant really use BC sets cuz there arent much options. i settled for ulduar and i was very pleased.

    but mostly all my other transmogs are from bc. my rogues vengeful+cursed vision just looks right. my druid's ZA recolor looks awesome. as for my lock, ulduar tier all the way. tier 6 is overrated, merciless has its place, but my fav lock sets are t2 and 25 ulduar.

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    TBC, i hate everything about the expansion, but the gear looks awesome.
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    Most of my priest's looks are from classic rare tailoring patterns. And T1 head and shoulders.

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    WOTLK! Since I mainly play my shammy, I use Uldu and ICC shaman sets - still are best sets ever!

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    I mix match from various expansions.

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    As a monk I find it pretty hard to find something that looks cool aswell as look just a tiny bit like a monk set, but I usually go with Wrath and BC off pieces. pvp and pve

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    Looks like TBC wins even if it#s gear was clown suits.
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    Classic, followed by Cataclysm and MoP. I do have some WotLK sets too, but never use them. TBC is the only expansion where I don't use anything from, surprised to see people vote so much for it, the gear was, is, and will always be disastrous imo.

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    It depends on the class/race combo really, but it's usually something from TBC, Cata and MoP. I never use WoTLK and Classic sets though.

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    Classic - Frostfire regalia is amazing.

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    I mix and match a lot, but I probably use more stuff from Classic WoW than anything. Since pretty much forever, my warrior has been wearing a Deathbone Chestplate (Scholomance), Deathbone Girdle (Scholomance), those dark-looking crafted legplates from Wrath (can't remember what they're called), a season 3 Gladiator Helm (BC), Stoneform Shoulders (Scholomance), the Thorium Cloak from Illhoof (Karazhan), and dual wielding Unstoppable Force maces. I've always liked to play around with the weapons, so those get changed more often than anything.

    I've had my Paladin wearing the full Judgement set since transmogging was implemented.
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    Warlock: tier 5 for a while (way too many use it now -- Burning Crusade Set), now tier 3 for over a year (classic and haven't seen anyone else with it).

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    Depends on the class for me.
    Warrior T6
    Paladin T2
    Mage T6 followed by T5
    Hunter AQ 40.
    Shaman T6
    Warlock T2 followed by T6
    Priest T6

    What can I say, TBC Tier six looked amazing imo.

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    Warlock = T6 - so TBC
    Paladin = T8 and T10 so WotLK
    DK = Warrior T13 recolor so Cata
    Priest = T5 and T6 so TBC
    Warrior = T6 so again TBC

    Guess TBC wins....

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