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  • classic

    45 11.66%
  • The burning crusade

    146 37.82%
  • WrathTLK

    88 22.80%
  • Cata

    15 3.89%
  • Mists Of P'

    24 6.22%
  • Mix-match.

    68 17.62%
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    I use a lot of different ones on all my alts, but I think if I chose one it'd be TBC.

    Class theme > Tier theme

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    Death Knight: Uses heroic t10, also has t7.25, horde t9
    Druid: Uses t5, also has t8.10, t6, attempting t2.
    Hunter: Uses Sunwell gear, also has t4.
    Mage: Surprisingly one of the few Cata sets I enjoy: t13.
    Monk: low level
    Paladin t6, t4, sunwell gear, t7.25, t16.
    Priest Uses: sunwell gear, t6, t5, t2, t8.10
    Rogue: Recolor t2.
    Shaman: t4
    Warlock: Uses t4, also has sunwell gear and t6.
    Warrior: t4, t6, t14.

    Verdict: 75% TBC, 20% Wrath, 5% other.

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    Mix and match. Right now, my warrior's rocking Righteous and has Heroism voided for later use, and the black MoP crafted tanking blues for when I want to give her a more... I guess 'stealthy' look, for when she's on a night raid. My rogue's got the Warden green 'set' and I'm picking at getting her the Cataclysmic Gladiator set off and on. My hunter's bouncing between Cata-WPL quest greens and the Malevolent Gladiator set. My paladin uses Justicar but I'm looking into the red-and-black Judgement recolor. My DK will likely use their starter blues until I can grind the JP for t10. My monk's working on LFR t14 for her transmog set, to go with the transmogged fist weapons using the invisible handwraps you can buy at Peak of Serenity.

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    Warlock: Wrath T8 (everything sans head) with one piece each from classic (felheart horns) BC (Greatsword of horrid dreams) and Cata(Mantle of doubt)

    My warrior is going into full BC gear at 60 (Fel iron!) until I can tank que siege lfr and build a complete set of the tier look-alike set with the hammer from blackfuse and nazgrims shield

    Green is an important color to me..
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    Death Knight: T10
    Druid: T5
    Hunter: T4
    Mage: T4
    Monk: Assasination set
    Paladin: T6
    Priest: T5
    Rogue: T5
    Shaman: T6
    Warlock: T5
    Warrior: T6

    Pretty much BC transmogs.

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    For my shaman I have 2 transmogs I use alot, here. One is a mix between, Classic, MoP and BC, the other is Classic.

    The one that is mixed is a basic Draenei Set, but some of the components were used from Vanilla and a couple needed a bit of a feathered look that I found from MoP, the other is just the old Blood Guard set from Vanilla.

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    My pallies rock the judgement set, although soon one will be using the Justicar (race changing to draenei) and come next xpac, my horde belf will be using the black/red t16 Heroic set with bloodknight tabard.

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    I use t6 shaman, warlock, pally, warrior, rogue and priest. My monk is one of the tbc dungeon sets too. The blue Time Lord set for my mage (cata), the ToC set for my druid (wrath), Dreadnaught for my DK (vanilla), and Dragonstalker for my hunter (vanilla).
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    Usually Vanilla or MoP. Vanilla because of nostalgia and T3, MoP because of how nice some of the gear looks.

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    Generally its the TBC sets but I will also use some of the WotLK sets as well. I haven't been a huge fan of most of the sets that have come after that, but there are a few occasions where I will like one.

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    TBC, the expansion I started with.
    Mostly T5 or Sunwell stuff. I love that bloodelf-styled gear there!

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    I generally try and avoid straight tier sets, so mine are always mix-and-matched frm various places.

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    Most of the items I use for my mogs are from MoP, due to the higher defintion, followed by Cata and WoTLK.
    If we'r looking at Tiers, I'd say:

    Tier 10, Tier 8 and Tier 11 are my most mogged on main.
    I never mog the head-pieces, always goggles!

    I mix and match though, and usually use none tier items (such as the CM set).
    Atm I mog non-tier rare-quallity MoP items.

    I voted mix and match.

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    Vanilla, Level 20 to 50 gear.

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    Much classic
    Much TBC
    Some WotLK
    a little (really little) bit Cata
    Nothing from MoP

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    Druid - Boomkin: T7 with staff from DS / Bear: Rogue T10.5H look-alike with staff from TotC. (And shoulders for the rogue T6 look-alike because the shoulders from ICC never drops...)
    Shaman - T12H with shield from Beth and mace from Cho'gall (Haven't found a better matching mace for T12H)
    DK - DK starting zone gear

    Those are the characters i mog so I guess I use mostly wotlk gear.
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    t6 Shaman
    t1 Warlock
    crafted pvp from MoP with gloves/boots from End Time for DK
    S11 for my Rogue., no pattern really.

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    Depends on the class. Some use entirely BC (Paladin/Lock/Hunter), some use entirely Wrath (DK/Rogue/Warrior/Priest/Mage/Monk using T9 rogue tier skins from opening MoP and ToC drops), and some use a hybrid combination of parts from BC and parts from Wrath. Like my Druid uses the S2 shoulders/helm but the T9 chest/gloves. And my Shaman uses the T4 shoulders/helm, but the Furious chest/gloves.

    So, I guess listed out like that, Wrath has the most usage.

    Vanilla's tend to be a wee bit too plain and/or garish, and anything from Cata/MoP I tend not to like. Or at least, not enough to change for any of the classes.

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    I like the sets that I feel have the most standard "paladin-y" look; imho those are T2, T4, T6 (save for the hovering crown), T13, and T16, and the blue Lightforge recolor from BC.

    For a long while I wore Judgement simply because when it was relevant gear none of the paladins in my guild were ever able to get more than 3 pieces of it due to awful RNG.

    After that, I switched to the blue Lightforge recolor set from BC (although, the shoulders aren't the same blue as the rest of the set), combined with a blue PvP cloak and Glaive of the Pit (perfect match) or Apolyon to pick up the green gems embedded in the armor.

    T16 is the first set for which I've been able to get all the matching pieces while the gear was still relevant. I've been wearing the LFR set with the legendary cape and my weapon mogged to Fordragon Blades for about 3 months now.
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    Mostly Wrath and BC sets.

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