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  • classic

    45 11.66%
  • The burning crusade

    146 37.82%
  • WrathTLK

    88 22.80%
  • Cata

    15 3.89%
  • Mists Of P'

    24 6.22%
  • Mix-match.

    68 17.62%
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    My main is a healadin, and my favorite transmog set is the Wrathful gladiator set LK. When I think of paladin, that set just does it for me.

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    On the characters I care to transmog, I've never used a full tier set, I much prefer a personal touch with unique combinations, even if its just 2 or 3 pieces different.
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    The only tier set I've really ever used (and still do) for transmog is T13 Mage (Timelord's Regalia) so cata I guess.

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    most of my characters are mismatched. I use the addon Moggit to just try on pieces and combine sets until I get something that looks good, I tend to think they look better than a premade set too.

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    Most of my stuff comes from either vanilla or cata.

    Wotlkand tbc have too many shiny things for the normal rp I do
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    Voted for TBC same as most.

    As much as the quest gear etc looked clownish, the tier gear was spot on.

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    On my Mage, I've just completed an Imbued Netherweave transmog.
    On my Priest, I have the robe and shoulders from Hydross the Unstable and Morogrim Tidewalker (Warlock T5 lookalike)
    On my Warlock, I have collected T4 & Merciless Gladiator's Dreadweave, and on the way to collecting T1, T2 and T10.

    So overall so far, I'd say that TBC transmogs have been the most popular for me. Strange isn't it? TBC separates were clown-related, but the sets and Tier sets were actually quite good.

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    I guess Cata since the set I've used most is the Cataclysmic Gladiator set.

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    tier 6 and 7 priest shoulders, tier 6 priest hoodie

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    I use a mix and bits of everything and I came up with this it's not final but I'm happy with the results. I wish I had time to go back and play more so I could finish my mog tho
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    I've only ever had 3 transmorg sets:

    Field Marshal's Aegis and Grand Marshal's Claymore (90% of the time)
    Lightbringer Battlegear, Grand Marshal's Longsword and Grand Marshal's Aegis (5% of the time)
    Avenger's Battlegear and Grand Marshal's Claymore (5% of the time)

    So Classic by a very, very long shot.
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    Paladin/Warrior T3, so vanilla.

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    I tend to mix and match since I like to be somewhat creative and find it enjoyable to make matching mixed sets, but the majority of my gear comes from the TBC era. WotLK is a close runner up.

    My 'signature' mog is a mix of non-tier BT, Sunwell, and a few pieces from vanilla and WotLK.
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    I never liked any of the actual tier gear, just a mix of items. The closest to some sort of "tier" would be the Rift Stalker stuff from BC on my shaman.

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    On my druid I have to xmogs: ToT Rogue Lookalike set for feral and T11 for Balance. I sometimes switch to T4 o T6 for feral, but I end up going back to the ToT one because it's so feral and fits so nicely...

    On my warlock: yeah, I know, totally cliche, but T5 forever. I switch to T7.25 from time to time. I wish I had CM set

    On my monk: T14 from LFR, the white one. And I'll never switch it (I think).

    On my shaman: pufff: switch every now and then between T5, T6, S3, T7.10, Amani Regalia, Relentless Glad set...

    On my paladin: T2 and T6. If I ever level him up, I'd like to get the white T14 and T12.

    I leveled a Hunter up to 85 to get Season 1. But boots and belt are no longer in game
    I leveled a Mage up just to get the Aldor regalia and never played him again after XD
    I leveled a Warrior just to get S3 and never played him again after.

    Never leveled these but for Priest I'd choose T6, on a DK the starting blue set, and on a rogue... I've never really liked any rogue set but T15 but in my opinion doesn't fit the rogue's theme.

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    Paladin: Season 11 PVP.

    DK: Season 12.

    I've always found, since wrath, the pvp armor to be more realistic and bearable to look at. Same with the weapons and such, it's how characters SHOULD look like.

    Every time I see something from TBC that's bright and obnoxious I assume they're 10 years old. Same goes for judgment tier and recolor for paladins. You're not cool looking, you look like something from a power ranger episode.

    Last time (last night on timeless isle), saw a rogue dual wielding two phantom blades with the entire blue bloodfang recolor. He looked like one of those lame ass ninja second hand Halloween outfits.

    How ridiculous.
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