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    Can't Download Curse

    So sorry if this isn't a good place to ask this but I was having a problem opening curse (it was giving me an error everytime I tried), so I uninstalled and now I cannot even download it. I am getting an error that includes some things that say this.

    + Error creating the Web Proxy specified in the 'system.net/defaultProxy' configuration section.
    + The parameter is incorrect

    It says some other things but I didn't know if just what is above specifies what is wrong, I am not very computer literate so I have no idea what this error means or how I can fix this if I can get some help that would be awesome, thanks!

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    A step in the process of elimination i would try this:

    Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

    I can't post links yet apparently but Google 'Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool'.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also look for 'ASoft .NET Version Detector'. I can't remember what version curse requires of the .NET Framework but any issue could exist in a minor version update where that function that is throwing the error has been fixed.

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    Okay I tried that and it did update or change something but I was still unable to download Curse and the same type of error sheet is coming up. Thank you for help by the way.

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