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    NPC_Scan Custom Sounds

    I'm going to start using Npc-Scan again which is cool and all, but I'm really hoping to change the sound it plays to something less heart attack inducing.

    I'm not the best with suprises, so that sound always bothered me. I remember in the earlier versions of it it had more sound options then just the three it has now (1,2, and mute). I've read online that to add new sounds to it you need to use the sharedmedia addon, but the threads I've been able to find around forums that explain how to do it are all over 2-3 years old now. Can someone shed some light on how to do this?

    I really just want to use the generic Illidan catchphrase /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Illidan\\BLACK_Illidan_04.wav")

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    You can via another addon, add custom entries to SharedMedia.
    See the instructions located in SharedMedia\INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt for some guidance.
    The automation of the Batch file won't do you any good when you don't have an actual file to add, but the Manual instructions further down the document with examples at the bottom should give you a good start.
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    I'm using the up to date sharemedia called SharedMedia 3.0

    I don't see the .txt for intructions, just for changelogs.

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