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    icc lock out trouble

    so i've switched from 25man heroic to 10man several times the last few months at the gunship (since it's not soloable on 25man) and then switched back to 25man...but this week i am unable to switch to 10man for some reason. i go outside..switch to 10man (tried to switch to normal and heroic) and when i zone back in it's still on 25man heroic. am i missing something?

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    We had this issue the other day with Firelands, even though we had killed no bosses on heroic (we had only flipped it to reset for Only the Penitent), it wouldn't let us switch back. Or it would on the UI, but would reset back when we zoned in, even after disbanding.

    I think it's some current bug, and not anything anyone is doing wrong.
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