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    If you rum mop dungeons with Tabard of Ramkahen do you get rep with Ramkahen?

    Someone tried?

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    "Equip: You champion the cause of Ramkahen. All reputation gains while in level 85 Cataclysm dungeons will be applied to your standing with them."

    Pretty sure it doesn't work.
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    According to the Wowhead page, only MoP Heroics.

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    I read a comment in wowhead says that it can give rep in heroic mode.
    If i solo a cata dungeon , does it work too?

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    put it on and run heoic cata places youll be exalted in no time and able to get your camel

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    why would you wanna do it in mop dungeons when you can blaze through cata dungeons at 5 times the pace?

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    My guess is they dont want to turn exp off to grind rep, and would prefer to be able to level in MoP dungeons as an alternative way to get rep.

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    yes got some rep in mop dungeons while championing old causes

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