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    GUESStimate closed beta release

    10th of march.

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    February 30th

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    I'm guessing end of february for closed, end of April/June for Open release in August/September

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    February 8, 2014

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    March 11th

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    around the 6th of february if it is correct that blizzard will have a press conference at that time.

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    4th of February:

    1) It's a Tuesday*!
    2) They just had their "we're excited to start beta soon so don't forget to opt in!" announcement yesterday, so it can't be that far off.
    3) They have their investor's thing on the 6th, so saying they have this running by then can only be a good thing to show off.

    *I actually have no idea if the Tuesday detail is relevant to beta tests.
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    the day the next wow killer is release the closed beta will start.

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    I'm going to be hopeful and say early to mid February.

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    Middle of march, those suggesting february are living a dream.

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    No later than first week of February, could even be next week.

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    First week of February, for sure
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    27th of january.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CenariusTheForestLord View Post
    I'm guessing end of february for closed, end of April/June for Open release in August/September
    I'm leaning more towards this the longer it takes them to actually start doing anything on the PTR for WoD, or giving us substantial info on WoD.

    edit: Which would make my wife happy, since she's about to graduate and become an RN in May, and we move shortly after, she's desperate to make sure she's not got all that going on while WoD comes out at the same time. Late summer/early fall would be waaaay better, and it's looking like that is more likely the longer Blizz takes to roll stuff out for testing.

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    That's easy to answer....... Soon™

    very Soon™.... within the next 3 - 4 weeks.
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    Never. They want WoD to be savage and uncharted lands, so they will not beta-test it at all. We will fight not only iron horde, but also legions of bugged quests and broken mechanics. This will be savage.

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    Announced on 4th or 11th February, access begins two weeks later.
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    Next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CenariusTheForestLord View Post
    I'm guessing end of february for closed, end of April/June for Open release in August/September
    This seems like a fairly good guess.
    I was initially thinking pre-summer release, but since it looks like they're going for new pvp season and and pushing pre-purchase instead of starting beta, I think they're still at least a month away from showing it to anyone... and with that I think we'll slip to after-summer release.

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