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    New Talent Ideas

    Use this post to suggest new talents for different classes.
    I am very interested to see some new ideas...

    My suggestions :

    Death Knight:
    -Soul Torture: Deals X(medium damage) damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds . Cd: 2 mins
    Blood:Also Causes your meele attacks which hit the target affected by Soul Torture to heal you for 20% of the damage done.
    Frost/Unholy: Increases Frost and Shadow Damage taken by the target by 10%.
    ( I want to improve healing of the Blood DK and the damage of Frost/Unholy)

    -Summon Pit Lord : Cd:3 Mins
    Summon a Pit Lord to deal damage for the next 45 seconds. Pit Lord deals high AoE Damage and has these abilities: Charge , Cleave, Fel Breath, Shattering Strike ,Hand of Doom, Chaos Roar and Howl of Terror.( Hand of Doom cant be used on players because deals high damage )
    -------------------------AoE Abilities: Cleave , Fel Breath , Shattering Strike , Howl of Terror, Chaos Roar.

    Power of The Forest :
    Gives passive benefits based on druid's spec :

    Balance :
    Increases the critical chance of your Moonfire and Sunfire by 25% on targets below 25% HP.

    Increases the Damage of Ferocious Bite by 20% on targets below 25% HP.

    Reduces the damage taken by 15% when below 25% HP.

    Increases the healing of rejuvenation by 20% on targets who are below 30% HP.
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    Demon Hunter Class Idea
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    I want to improve healing of the Blood DK
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    Meaningful talents would be a nice start

    tier 4/5 are ok, ancestral guidance is a nobrainer choice for dps and has been the entire expansion unfortunately, tier 6 is terrible for resto shamans, and sorta lacking for the dps specs.

    Tier 1 is tolerable. Never been happy with it but it has options depending on content you are facing which is useful
    Tier 2 is awful for PvE (the snare/windwalk/frost shock tier), I appreciate it's likely not bad options pvp wise, but pve wise i cant think of a time i didnt run windwalk "just because". Earthbind still suffers problems traps suffered 4 years ago.
    Tier 3 is pure terrible, in every way.

    Tier 7 looks pretty awful in concept too so far.
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    Go back to pre wotlk talent trees, done, problems solved :P

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    It's useless pitching one talent on its own, you either need to state an existing talent you are replacing or provide two additional ones to place it against

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    Go back to pre wotlk talent trees, done, problems solved :P

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    PvP wise for Shaman:

    Tier 1: Astral Shift should be changed to 30% damage reduction while stunned, passive. Like the old Astral Shift for Elemental back in Wrath of the Lich King.
    Tier 2-4 are fine as it is.
    Tier 5: Rushing Streams could use an added bonus: "Removes the global cooldown from your Healing Stream and Healing Tide totem."
    Tier 6: Elemental Blast could use an added bonus: "As long as Elemental Blast's buff is up, Flame Shock will be undispellable from your target."
    Tier 7: Every single talent should include that it won't break CC like Blind and Polymorph, or every single one of them will be completely useless.

    Haven't put too much thought into it, so feel free to poke holes in my ideas.

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