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    15 7.14%
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    64 30.48%
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    41 19.52%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    I dunno. They're still more compelling than Forsaken, which have one big sob-story mixed with some sadism and apathy in between. Sort of that whole hypocritical cycle of expecting others to feel bad for what happened to them, before they do to others what happened to them.

    They're kind of bland and boring 2D evil guys now. Perhaps they were interesting before WoTLK. Gnomes, at least, have potential. It's just that the player-base is so childish and "edgy" that they wouldn't allow Blizzard to do anything with that.
    Oh my, that bad, bad, naughty "edgy" playerbase. Why won't they allow blizzard to implement "adult" and "mature" gnome themes.
    It looks that once again, forsaken > gnomes and all due that "edgy" playerbase

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Oh my, that bad, bad, naughty "edgy" playerbase. Why won't they allow blizzard to implement "adult" and "mature" gnome themes.
    It looks that once again, forsaken > gnomes and all due that "edgy" playerbase

    To those players, yeah. Don't hate me, though. I'm just canceling out all the edginess from the Forsaken players in this thread.

    And acting as if Gnomes can't have adult and mature themes just makes you look silly, or just ignorant about the history of the Gnomes to begin with, which is also silly.
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    i like them because they are tiny. tiny cute fluff balls that probably have evil intentions.

    they are masters of crafting, engineering. I enjoy that aspect of them but i don't like that they can pick up heavy objects. Something that small shouldn't have the strength to lift heavy 2handers.
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    Voted cute & evil because that's what they are; the female gnomes that is. The male gnomes can go to hell. Same deal with goblins, really.

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    Disgusting. Sadly that was not a poll option.
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    None of the options - i view them as childish.
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    The made my Gnomes look like mini nicki minaj T.T

    What can I say, I love Female Gnomes.
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    They are cute, I just haven't ever made one. I need to do that.

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