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    Glyph of Word of Glory and Execution Sentence under heroism/lust conditions

    Since Execution Sentence snapshots your damage, would it be wise to use the Word of Glory glyph and then use ES for the extra 9% damage on it? Would it overwrite an extra TV thrown out there or no?

    Example boss fights would be something like Iron Juggernaut or Thok at the beginning when everyone just goes all out from the start.
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    9% extra damage on ES+ a few other abilities is NOT enough to be better then 1 TV.
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    This is something worthy of an in depth look at the numbers when you add any extra abilities you can fit in after the ES.

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    I would honestly say no, due to the low amount of overall damage that ES accounts for over the period of a five minute fight or so. I would say being able to fit in the usual amount of TVs would be the ideal thing to do, losing one 3HP TV every one minute may not be that much of a DPS loss, but it still seems like it would be a decrease overall. Would love to see hard math though.

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    Is what situation would that glyph be of any use then?

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    Is what situation would that glyph be of any use then?
    It's useful for Prot Paladins and useful for groups/soloing where you do not have a healer and might have to heal yourself a lot more.

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    only way the glyph would be viable to use in a rotation style is if it lasted for 20 seconds and even then it's kinda iffy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrasibion View Post
    Is what situation would that glyph be of any use then?
    Prot Paladins on Siegecrafter Hc. When the Shredder Spawns, if you time it and use Execution Sentence as the Shredder is casting Death from Above, the final 'tick' of ES hits during the +% that the shredder takes after he lands and hits for 3-5mil. Using the Word of Glory buff before hand will just increase that even more. My raid team will be working more on Siegecrafter hc soon and after looking at various logs, I realised this was one of the few occasions where the glyph is exceptional, as it is crucial to kill those shredders quickly on heroic.
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