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I'm playing RMP and we hit 2100 last night. It seems every single team we queue into is a warrior team, and we struggle against any type of warrior team whether its KFC, WMD, etc. How are we supposed to play a warrior team? The warrior will literally train one target until its dead. If the warrior trains the mage, the mage can't get any casts off and he just drops in health really quick. If we go on the other DPS it means the warrior has free reign to train whatever he wants, if we go on the warrior he just has so many cooldowns and will train everything regardless of what we do. Sometimes we get a hard opener and kill the warrior right away, but that doesn't work every time. Advice is appreciated.
I would think it would be a good idea to cc warrior and during your 1 minute bursts try to get his shieldwall and his trinket and when he doesnt have either you can kill him in a bomb.