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    You must've missed Tinder's post where he said it was Lore's mistake and then linked the clarification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aberrict View Post
    I don't think Lore worded that tweet as well as he could have. Since Celestalon tweeted that combo points for Feral are on the player just like Rogues.
    You missed when I posted 5 minutes later with Celestalon answering my question about the misunderstanding with Lore's Tweet.

    And just as quick, combo points being on the target are just a Visual thing, not functionally different then Chi. Nothing to see here folks.
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    And my stupid page didn't reload so I didn't see Aggixx's replay. Pro at 1am.

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    Pounce damage increased by 100%.

    Score 1 for Blizzard, I don't anybody chose that one. At least not seriously.

    Ferocious Bite increased 20%. Now that's funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddabear View Post
    Ferocious Bite increased 20%. Now that's funny.
    Its pretty laughable when you look at other classes getting 20% boosts to stuff like lava burst, but it's also a step in the right direction if feral is every going to be even decent at damaging low hp adds that need to die immediately.

    I can't tell you how many times someone in my raid has complained about damage on things like HGarrosh transition 1 adds, or Norushen adds, And im right there, always about 16-18th on the list no matter how hard I try.

    We haven't had a balance/numbers pass yet, but I think it is safe to assume that rather than buff our bleeds to make up for the loss of snapshotting, we will get a nice boost to shred/FB, and that leveling perk will make a lot more sense in the grand scheme of things.

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    Blizzard really shouldn't have shown off the draenor perks this early, because people are confusing them for a balancing pass. I expect we'll see further buffs to our direct damage abilities, especially ferocious bite when we see the numbers.

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